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Press release

Apprentices run Swisscom Shop in Köniz

Berne, 13 October 2008

From today, apprentices will take over the management of the first Swisscom Junior Shop in the Köniz Business Park. For six months the apprentices will be responsible for the Swisscom Shop, taking on the roles of store manager, deputy store manager and shop assistants. Every year Swisscom provides vocational training in the fields of commerce, retail, mediamatics, IT and telematics. More than 250 apprentices embarked on their training at Swisscom in the summer of 2008.

On 13 October, the Swisscom Shop in the Köniz Business Park will be handed over to a team of apprentices. Places on the Junior Shop project are highly sought after. The first team comprises five retail apprentices who already have experience of working in Shops and who were selected via an internal recruitment process. Following a short induction phase, the plan is to offer interested Swisscom apprentices from other areas the possibility of a placement in the Junior Shop. The team will be switched every three to six months.
The first Junior Shop manager is Giuseppe Arcidiacono, a retail apprentice from Lucerne in his third year, who will take over responsibility for the Shop and its team for the next six months.

The preparations are well underway with his line manager at the Shop where he is currently deployed and the junior manager already knows how he intends to organise the division of duties in "his" shop: "Every team member will be assigned tasks with the same level of responsibility, such as finance or the Shop display. After a certain time, the team will swap tasks meaning everyone gets the opportunity to learn a bit of everything". However, the apprentices in the Junior Shop will not be left completely to their own devices. If they have questions, they can contact an experienced Shop manager who has overall responsibility.


Personal initiative is the cornerstone of the training model

In their previous training placements, Giuseppe Arcidiacono and his team have already learnt how to work independently and to use their own initiative. Swisscom attaches great importance to this in its vocational training. "The Junior Shops concept is a perfect fit with Swisscoms vocational training philosophy", says Nadine Gilg, Head of Vocational Training at Swisscom. "Right from the start, the young people learn to use their own personal initiative by essentially steering their own learning process, and deciding which skills they want to learn how, when and where". Apprentices work on projects which they choose and apply for themselves. Giuseppe Arcidiacono opted to learn how to lead a team and how to manage a Shop a great opportunity for his future.

The Junior Shop is a fully-fledged Swisscom Shop and offers the same full product range.


Apprentices at Swisscom

Swisscom has a long-term, ongoing interest in training and developing its young professionals in the areas of commerce, retail, mediamatics, IT and telematics. In August 2008 over 256 apprentices joined Swisscom and over 240 completed their vocational training. Totalling more than 830, apprentices currently represent around 5.5% of the Swisscom employee population.



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