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Swisscom launches cordless telephones with Ecomode plus

Berne, 27 October 2008

From 27 October 2008, Swisscom will be selling five low-radiation cordless fixed-line phones: with Ecomode plus, the devices do not emit any radiation when not in use. When in use, the transmitting power and therefore the radiation is reduced by up to 80 per cent. The energy-efficient power adapter effectively reduces energy consumption by 60 per cent. Swisscom will launch the devices exclusively on the Swiss market.

Swisscom introduced the first cordless devices with Ecomode in 2006. In the last two years, the proportion of sales of these low-radiation cordless fixed-line phones increased from 11 to 47 per cent. In Switzerland the proportion of devices with Ecomode used is currently around 40 per cent. The Ecomode has been developed further as a result of this success. Swisscom will be the first telecommunications provider to launch the Ecomode plus in Switzerland.


No radiation in standby mode

Thanks to Ecomode plus, the devices do not emit any radiation in standby mode, irrespective of how many handsets have been connected and whether or not they are on the base station. Ecomode plus also minimises the transmitting power of the handset while in use, without impairing the quality. Radiation is reduced by up to 80 per cent depending on the distance from the base station. There are currently no devices on the Swiss market with lower radiation values.


The following devices have Ecomode plus:

 Model  Price in CHF
 Aton CL108  78
 Aton CL109  88
 Aton CLT109  108
 Aton CL110  98
 Aton CLT110  118

The energy consumption of these five devices is reduced by 60 per cent compared with standard cordless fixed-line phones. The packaging and instructions for these devices are made of almost 100% recycled materials. For ease of identification at points-of-sale, the packaging is marked with the Swisscom leaf symbol. The devices will be available in all Swisscom Shops and in the Swisscom Online Shop from 27 October.


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