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Credit Suisse names Swisscom as Strategic Supplier

Berne, 16 December 2008

Credit Suisse presents the Credit Suisse IT Supplier Award 2008 to Swisscom and names the telecoms provider "Strategic Supplier of the Year 2008". As one of the world's leading banks, Credit Suisse provides its customers with services in Private Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management.

In September 2006, Credit Suisse introduced a programme to improve the efficiency and flexibility of its suppliers. It was able to do this by standardising its IT supplier strategy and streamlining communication with its strategic suppliers. "This process enabled us to strengthen our long-term partnership with Swisscom", emphasised Karl Landert, CIO at Credit Suisse. "The programme is widely recognised and is not only valued by our strategic partners, but has also proved successful within Credit Suisse. It optimises the business relationships with our suppliers and promotes an IT supplier strategy that encompasses the whole company."

Innovative partnership

Credit Suisse evaluates and classifies its IT providers every year based on skills, quality, risk, price and the business relationship in general. This year the bank used a scorecard process to whittle down its leading providers to six finalists - and in the end Swisscom was named "IT Strategic Supplier of the Year 2008". Swisscom provides Credit Suisse with services in the fields of telecommunications and IT infrastructure as well as in the development of business applications. Urs Schaeppi, Head of Corporate Business at Swisscom, accepted the award: "It is a great honour for Swisscom to receive the IT Supplier Award 2008 from Credit Suisse. Our more than 100-year business relationship with Credit Suisse is the basis of this success. Credit Suisse has developed into one of our largest and most innovative customers. The very successful Swisscom Services, which now also benefits many other Swisscom customers, originated from numerous groundbreaking projects that we have implemented together over the last few years.


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