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New operator service for mobile phones at 1811

Berne, 06 January 2009

On 20 January Swisscom will add Connect 1811 to its 1811 directory enquiries and operator service. This will allow callers to be connected to a Swisscom mobile phone by an operator, even if the number is not listed in the public telephone directory. The number will not be revealed, ensuring that personal privacy remains protected. At present, only Swisscom customers can be contacted via this service, but we are aiming to achieve a cross-industry solution.

Connect 1811 will allow Swisscom to offer a new service: Customers who want to call friends or acquaintances on their mobiles can be put through simply by calling 1811. This will give Swisscom customers the option of being accessible without having to list their number in the public telephone directory. The new service will be accessible from all networks and will be available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Swisscom is therefore reacting to the fact that increasing numbers of customers are accessible only by mobile phone, yet don't want to have their numbers listed in the telephone directory.


This is how Connect 1811 works

By dialling 1811, customers can be connected to a non-listed mobile phone.  Callers are first connected to a voice menu, where they can leave a short message. If the receiving party answers, they are played the previously recorded voice message  to enable them to find out who is calling, and can then decide whether or not to accept the call.  If they decline to accept the call, they receive an SMS with the caller's number and the voice message, which allows them the possibility of calling back later. Callers are not informed whether the receiving party refused to accept the call or was unavailable.


Data protection assured at all times

Connect 1811 is purely an operator service and the number of the receiving party is at no point revealed to the caller. This means that data protection is assured at all times and personal privacy remains protected


Free registration and cancellation possible at any time

Connect 1811 can currently be used to call Swisscom residential customers with a postpaid subscription. Business customers and NATEL®easy customers can also register for the service. Registration and cancellation is possible at any time, free of charge, by sending a free SMS with the text "START CONNECT" or "STOP CONNECT" to 444.


The service is free of charge for the receiving party

Connect 1811 costs CHF 0.70 per connection attempt in addition to the current 1811 prices. The service is free for the receiving party.

Access charge CHF 1.50
First minute CHF 0.70 / Min.
Further minutes and forwarding CHF 0.22 / Min.
CONNECT 1811 connection charge
CHF 0.70
Mobile surcharge for calls from the mobile network - CHF 0.30/min. with a NATEL® subscription
- CHF 0.80/min. with a NATEL® easy subscription
- All other mobile providers: operator's mobile surcharge

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