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Videoconferencing: Bringing the world to your desk

Berne, 03 February 2009

Quick reactions are essential in the modern business world. Companies' interest in using videoconferencing systems as a way of saving time and money on meetings is on the rise. With the addition of TelePresence and Live Meeting, Swisscom now offers two systems which together cover the various different needs of business customers. Stable networks and high bandwidths are prerequisites for these new methods of collaboration.

The Cisco TelePresence conferencing system makes it possible to hold meetings - even across large distances - where participants have the feeling that they are sitting together at one table. HD-quality cameras and large monitors display the other participants as large as life. Nonverbal communication - facial expressions and gestures - are just as effective as in a real meeting.

Video conferences are held in specially-equipped rooms to ensure the right acoustics and lighting for high-definition transmissions. This kind of quality also necessitates IP connections which provide guaranteed bandwidths of up to 20 Mbps. A variety of systems are available for meetings of all sizes, from one-on-one conversations to group meetings with up to 18 participants per location. Swisscom has Cisco TelePresence rooms in Berne, Zurich and Milan.


Work together at a computer with Live Meeting

In contrast, Microsoft Live Meeting is a conferencing system that can be installed on a PC or laptop. All that's required is a webcam, a headset and an Internet connection. The conference can be launched from Outlook and participants can be connected across all networks. Live Meeting allows all conference participants to edit documents simultaneously - a huge advantage for collaborative work because that way there are not several different versions in circulation.

Both conference systems not only improve collaboration and reduce travel expenses, but they also benefit the environment. With its 337 TelePresence systems, manufacturer Cisco was able to reduce its own CO2 emissions by around 92,000 tonnes through a reduction in the number of business trips taken. That corresponds to 460 million air kilometres or 390 million car kilometres.


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