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BlackBerry Storm available exclusively from Swisscom with Liberty surf subscriptions

Berne, 20 March 2009

Swisscom will be the first mobile provider to launch the BlackBerry Storm exclusively in Switzerland. From 6 April 2009, the BlackBerry Storm and the BlackBerry Curve will be available in all Swisscom Shops. The new Blackberry handsets will be offered together with the Liberty family surf subscriptions.

The BlackBerry Storm is the first smartphone from the BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) to feature a touchscreen.  For the Storm, RIM developed a revolutionary technology for typing e-mails and SMS messages: the clickable touchscreen keyboard responds instantly to fingertip commands, giving the user tactile feedback. The screen gives slightly and conveys the feeling of touching a physical key, making the device as easy to use as a laptop or PC.  The Storm can be used in portrait or landscape mode as the screen displaying the full keyboard switches automatically if the handset is rotated. The proven BlackBerry push function provides continuous synchronisation of e-mails, calendar, contacts and notes from Outlook. The HSPA-compatible device makes mobile browsing an enjoyable experience thanks to  guaranteed high-speed mobile data transmission. The Storm also features a host of extras such as GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera and a mediaplayer.

The new BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone also comes with all the proven BlackBerry functions, sports a new and even more elegant design, and is EDGE and WLAN compatible. The high-resolution display makes for comfortable viewing of images, text, maps and much more.


Carefree Internet surfing with the Liberty family subscriptions

The new BlackBerrys are available with the well-known Liberty family surf subscriptions - NATEL liberty piccolo, mezzo or grande. The pertinent BlackBerry option costs CHF 10 a month. This option is required in order to use the pre-installed BlackBerry services which guarantee secure and compressed e-mailing via the BlackBerry server.  The hitherto BlackBerry e-mail options will no longer be offered to new customers, but existing customers will continue to be able to use them if they so wish.

  Monthly subscription charge

Monthly data allowance *

Call price per
hour **
Price of BlackBerry Storm ***
If you surf a lot
NATEL® liberty grande
CHF 55.- + BlackBerry®
Option CHF 10.-
 1 GB CHF 0.50 CHF 249.-
If you surf daily
NATEL® liberty mezzo
CHF 35.- +
Option CHF 10.-
 250 MB CHF 0.50 CHF 299.-
If you surf very little
NATEL® liberty piccolo
CHF 25.- +
Option CHF 10.-
 100 MB CHF 0.70 CHF 399.-
* Each additional MB costs CHF 0.10 (max CHF 5/day)
** Connection charge for domestic phone calls (Switzerland and Liechtenstein) to the Swisscom NATEL® mobile network, fixed network and COMBOX®
*** Without a NATEL subscription, BlackBerry Storm costs CHF 849. Introductory prices valid until 30.04.2009.


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