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Press release

Two million films and sporting events accessed on Bluewin TV

Berne, 01 April 2009

The exclusive offerings on Bluewin TV are extremely popular: some two million films and sport programmes have been accessed through Swisscom's digital TV service since its launch in November 2006, while half of Bluewin TV customers have made use of the Video on Demand service. Teleclub's live sporting events with exclusive football and ice hockey games are also accessed regularly. Swisscom is further expanding its basic Bluewin TV offering by introducing eleven new channels from 1 April 2009.

Swisscom's Video on Demand service is very popular among Bluewin TV customers, with cinema highlights such as "Mamma Mia", "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and "James Bond - Casino Royale" being loaned out several thousand times a month. But it's not only the top films that are accessed regularly, 99% of all available titles are too. Video on Demand allows Bluewin TV customers to access exclusive content at the touch of a button in the comfort of their living rooms. They can choose from more than 500 top films, numerous documentaries, children's programmes, comedies and concerts. Around 30 new titles are added every month. Customers can rent classic films from CHF 3.50 and new titles from CHF 6 for 24 hours and can watch them as many times as they like. Customers with an HD-compatible Bluewin TV connection can also choose from over 130 HD offerings, including films, operas and documentaries in high-definition quality.


Exclusive sports programmes are popular

The exclusive Teleclub live sporting events are also extremely popular. Since its launch in November 2006, the offering has been continually expanded and more and more games are being broadcast live. From CHF 1 per event, Bluewin TV offers over 130 football games from the Axpo Super League, all fixtures from the UEFA Champions League, the top games from the Italian Serie A, all games from the 1st and 2nd German Bundesliga as well as 200 ice hockey games in National League A during the regular season and all play off games as a pay-per-view service.


Eleven new channels to be added to the extensive basic offering

While the selection of analogue channels offered by cable network providers is declining steadily, Bluewin TV already has a broad offering, with 130 TV channels and radio stations, including a wide variety of foreign language channels. Swisscom is adding eleven new channels to the Bluewin TV basic offering from 1 April.



  • Tier TV. A family channel broadcasting programmes on everything to do with pets -breeding and raising animals and how to look after them as well as programmes on veterinary medicine.
  • Deluxe Music. A music channel with no talking - just music. Broadcasts music videos and concerts in themed sections, such as Mondrian, Hopper, Sashimi, Late Lounge and Disco Deluxe.
  • TIMM. The first German channel aimed at homosexual men, offering international cult series such as "Queer as Folk" and "Footballers' Wives", as well as films, documentaries, shows, news and magazine programmes.
  • Bibel TV. A Christian family channel offering films, talk shows, documentaries, music and children's programmes, as well as book fairs, Bible readings, reports on events and televised church services.
  • K-TV. A not-for-profit Christian cultural channel which offers church services as well as entertainment and self-help programmes. Broadcasts 24 hours a day with repeats.



  • Direct 8. A French entertainment channel which broadcasts films, sport programmes, series, music, news and various magazine programmes.
  • KTO. A Catholic TV channel offering programmes on religious events, magazine shows, documentaries, reports and portraits of well-known personalities in French.
  • Liberty TV. French TV channel offering documentaries and reports on travelling as well as attractive tourism offerings.
  • M6 Boutique. French home shopping channel.



  • Salute! The new Italian health channel, offering programmes on issues such as healthy eating, keeping fit, anti-ageing and medicine.



  • Channel 4. The British TV channel which offers a range of entertainment, such as films and series in English.


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