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Press release

Swisscom launches fibre-optic offering in Zurich

Berne, 02 April 2009

From 3 April 2009 a trial offering for the new high-speed access to the fibre-optic network will be available to Swisscom customers: the bundled offerings allow simultaneous use of up to three high-definition television channels (HDTV), Internet surfing with data transmission speeds of up to 50,000 Kbps (downstream) and 10,000 Kbps (upstream) and telephone services. The trial offerings will initially be available to customers in Zurich whose homes have already been connected to the fibre-optic network. The offerings will also be available in other cities in 2009, including in French-speaking Switzerland. An initial commercial offering is expected at the beginning of 2010 at the latest.

The demand for high bandwidths is continuing to increase due to the rapid pace of development and the increasingly diverse range of products and services in the area of online media. Teleworking, digital TV (IP TV), music platforms and personal communications networks are already proving extremely popular with customers. With the "home basic", "home standard" and "home pro" Triple Play Bundles (telephony, Internet, TV), Swisscom is giving customers the opportunity to benefit from higher bandwidths and make use of existing services on the fibre-optic broadband network of the future at the same time while also discovering the benefits of the new technology.


  Internet Down-/Upload HDTV Streams Telephone calls to the Swiss fixed network Price CHF/month
Home basic 20/1 Mbit/s 2 HDTV  Included 111.-
Home standard 30/3 Mbit/s 3 HDTV Included 139.- 
Home pro 50/10 Mbit/s  3 HDTV Included 179.-


Launching the three trial offerings will allow Swisscom to test and further develop existing products on the fibre-optic network, to gauge customers' attitudes towards the offerings and to make any necessary changes over the coming months. Customer feedback and technical upgrades will be incorporated into the design of the offerings and pricing ahead of the commercial market launch.


Investing in the technology of the future

Swisscom has already started expanding the fibre-optic network for residential customers and SMEs in several towns and cities and aims to have around 100,000 households connected to the network by the end of 2009. Over the next six years Swisscom will invest some CHF 8 billion in the Swiss telecommunications and IT infrastructure, with 35% of this sum earmarked for fibre-optic expansion. Swisscom will continue to work on expanding the fibre-optic network with its partners so as to be able to offer its customers the Internet speeds they want in future.



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