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Swisscom launches Teamspace to facilitate collaboration

Berne, 14 April 2009

Swisscom has launched Teamspace, the first application to be offered on its rental software portal Teamnet. Teamspace is a groupware solution which facilitates easy, professional collaboration between companies and across national borders. The application is interesting both for large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Effective immediately, customers can test Teamspace for 30 days at no charge.

Teamspace enables people to collaborate with one another regardless of when, where or company affiliation. The application provides all the tools required for good teamwork: a calendar with an appointment-setting function, addresses, contacts and tasks which can be managed jointly. Files can be uploaded and downloaded and the file repository clearly indicates which version is the current version of the document. This helps avoid misunderstandings caused by different versions stored locally. Forums can also be set up to enable time-shifted discussions. That can be a great advantage for teams dispersed over several continents. Members of the group can also communicate with one another via e-mail, the chat function and SMS.


No investments needed

Enterprises that use Teamspace do not need any special hardware infrastructure; access to the Internet and a Web browser suffice. The application isn't complicated: it is activated within just a few minutes of having been ordered and is immediately ready for use. Team leaders can assemble their working groups at the push of a button. Data are stored on a Swisscom server, so that Swisscom also guarantees data security. Additionally, customers have the option of renting a server in order to use Teamspace under their own Corporate Identity (CI) whereby they also take over all administrative tasks.

Swisscom and logistics giant DHL have already had positive experiences with Teamspace. According to Jürg Schneeberger, Senior Logistics Manager at Swisscom, "Teamspace has made it possible for us to create and continuously update lists and orders for individual delivery areas both centrally and throughout the entire company. And thanks to the version check feature, everybody always has access to the most recent document and no information is lost." DHL uses Teamspace for 90 users in over 10 groups.


Software solutions on demand

Swisscom's Teamnet software portal offers enterprises business-related software solutions that help them perform their daily work. At the end of 2007, Swisscom and Microsoft had launched a joint pilot project in which the Teamnet applications were tested by over 1,000 users.

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