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Press release

Swisscom launches new services for SMEs

Berne, 04 May 2009

With Shared Office Professional and Online Backup Professional, Swisscom now offers two new services which allow small and medium-sized enterprises to outsource their complex, costly ICT infrastructure. These new products make it possible to work on joint projects more quickly and efficiently and also simplify data backup. New functions are also being added to the Hosted Exchange Professional service.

Large corporations have been doing it for years, and now it is gaining popularity among small and medium-sized enterprises: rather than purchasing and operating an Information and Communication Infrastructure (ICT) internally, they are renting this infrastructure from an external provider. The savings for SMEs are threefold: no investments in an internal ICT infrastructure, no costs for maintaining or servicing this infrastructure and the latest versions of software are always available without additional fees. Fixed monthly subscription fees mean that SMEs can precisely calculate and budget for these services and also adjust them flexibly to changes in their company's size.

Swisscom is expanding its offering in order to provide more options for small and medium-sized enterprises. Security and availability are the top priorities: For Shared Office Professional and Online Backup Professional as well as the revised Hosted Exchange Professional service, all data is stored on Swisscom servers located in Switzerland - in the country's most state-of-the-art server centre, the Swisscom data centre in Zollikofen. Another special feature: all three products can easily be combined.


Simplify collaboration with Shared Office Professional

Shared Office Professional is a virtual workspace which can be used to manage documents, group calendars, discussions, contacts and much more. Unlike traditional document archives, this solution makes it possible to define precisely which employee should be given which rights, thus massively simplifying collaboration with staff, customers or partners. Shared Office Professional also offers considerably more security and control. Who did which work is apparent at a glance. Documents stored in Switzerland are accessed online via a secure, encrypted data connection. Shared Office Professional is based on Microsoft's Windows SharePoint Services.


Save data using Online Backup Professional

Online Backup Professional automatically backs up company data on an external Swisscom server located in Switzerland. This product thus aims to meet the needs of SMEs with increased security requirements and the desire for simple storage. The advantage: even old data is always easy to find. Data can be accessed any time and from anywhere via the Internet. The last five versions of each document can be restored. Like Shared Office Professional, an encrypted connection is used to access and transfer data.


Hosted Exchange Professional means Outlook is always close at hand

Hosted Exchange Professional has been available at Swisscom since 2006 and is based on a Swisscom server which stores Microsoft Outlook data. Access to all Outlook functions such as e-mail, calendars, tasks and contacts is possible from anywhere - even using a mobile terminal. This also makes teamwork easier. Prior to sending out invitations to a meeting, for example, the organiser can check the calendars of all the members of the team to find a date that is convenient for everyone. Automatic backup and encrypted transmission offer comprehensive protection.

Popular among SMEs, this product will be upgraded with the Exchange Server 2007 as of 1 May 2009. This change will also bring various improvements for users: optimised anti-spam and anti-virus filters, better support for mobile phones with Windows Mobile 6.0 or 5.0 operating systems, improved calendar functions and additional functions in the Out of Office Assistant. Additionally, more storage space has been added to some subscriptions and the offering has been expanded with a new subscription for mid-level requirements.


Simply order online at attractive terms and conditions

Product Monthly subscription fee Details
Shared Office Professionell from CHF 12.90 License for one Shared Office Professional instance, up to 25 users
Online Backup Professionell from CHF 9.90
to  CHF 69.90
Basic subscription, 1GB storage space or
Enterprise subscription, 20GB storage space
Hosted Exchange Professionell from CHF 14
to CHF 19
E-mail, appointment, contact and order management, costs per user

Swisscom will waive the first three months' fees for all three products during the introductory phase which ends on 31 July 2009. All Hosted Services offered by Swisscom can be ordered online at


Eco-friendly and genuinely Swiss

Hosted Services are among the many eco-friendly services offered by Swisscom. All servers used for Swisscom's Hosted Services are powered by green hydroelectricity, wind and solar energy generated in Switzerland. Additionally, by opting against an in-house IT infrastructure, businesses can reduce their ecological footprint.

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