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Lower communication costs abroad: Swisscom slashes roaming prices

Berne, 12 May 2009

Effective 1 July 2009, Swisscom is further reducing its prices for mobile calls abroad: With the new World Option Flex, Swisscom offers an option that is valid worldwide on all networks and covers calls as well as SMS and data traffic. Uniquely for Switzerland, the basic charge is billed only if the service is actually used. Customers who do not use the option in any given month are not charged. In addition to launching the new option, Swisscom is further improving pricing information for customers abroad and reducing the standard tariff for data traffic abroad.

Back in autumn 2007, Swisscom significantly cut the standard tariffs for telephone calls in Europe, reducing prices to 50 percent below those charged by its two major competitors. With the new World Option Flex, Swisscom customers now have an additional way of cutting costs, since they can save up to 29 percent compared to standard tariffs for mobile phone calls, up to 50 percent on SMS and up to 80 percent on data traffic. Customers using the option to make calls in Europe therefore need to pay only 60 cents as opposed to 85 cents per minute, only 20 cents compared to 40 cents for SMS, and only CHF 2 instead of CHF 10 per megabyte for data transfer. For the first time in Switzerland the service includes a fair option charge of CHF 9 per month which is billed only if customers use their mobile phone abroad. If the option is not used, the charge is not billed.

Since the option is valid in 208 countries around the world and on all Swisscom's 528 partner networks, customers do not have to worry about selecting the cheapest network to use when abroad. With this option they are automatically assured the lowest tariffs. The new option will be available from 1 July 2009 by sending a free SMS to 444 with the text "Start WorldFlex" or via the hotline on 0800 55 64 64. The option can be cancelled on a monthly basis.


Enhanced price transparency

Many customers travelling in Europe already receive an automatic SMS when they cross the border, informing them about the applicable roaming tariffs. Swisscom will be gradually improving this information over the next few months in order to enhance the transparency of tariffs abroad. Swisscom is committed to taking appropriate measures to ensure that customers are not subjected to high bills for using mobile phones abroad.


Reduced standard tariff for data traffic abroad

At the same time as launching the new World Option Flex, Swisscom will be reducing the standard tariff for data usage abroad by around 30 percent, from CHF 14 to CHF 10, with effect from 1 July 2009. Customers who rarely check their e-mails or browse the Internet on their mobile phone while abroad will therefore benefit from a lower tariff. Swisscom nevertheless advises all customers who wish to browse the Internet on their mobile phone when abroad to sign up to the new World Option Flex in order to profit from much cheaper data tariffs. The option is worthwhile even for data volumes of only just over one megabyte.


The new World Option Flex at a glance

Billing is per minute or per 30kb for data usage.


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