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Swisscom and EPFL join forces

Berne / Lausanne, 08 July 2009

An official inauguration on 8 July 2009 will mark the beginning of a close partnership between the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Swisscom. In future the Federal Institute of Technology and Swisscom will engage in collaborative projects and promote the mutual exchange of information on research and innovation activities.

The partnership between the EPFL and Swisscom is aimed at facilitating flexible, future-oriented collaboration. To this end, two employees from Swisscom have relocated to the so-called Swisscom Lablet at the EPFL. The collaboration will focus initially on the areas of network infrastructure and service improvement.

As part of Swisscom's innovation management, the Lablet will allow the Group to tap into the EPFL's globally recognised knowledge base as well as utilise its excellent resources in order to pursue proprietary developments. The EPFL on the other hand will gain a practical insight into the challenges and needs of a network operator and telecommunications provider as well as further enhance its appeal as an industrial partner.


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