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Swisscom Housing Services offer secure data centres for business customers

Berne, 17 August 2009

Beginning 2012 Swisscom will be investing tens of millions of Swiss francs in further expanding its data centre facilities in order to accommodate the growing need among companies for secure and redundant premises for their servers. The market for housing services is developing rapidly, with growth estimated at between 15 and 20 per cent by 2011. The investments being made by Swisscom will make a vital contribution to expanding Switzerland's IT infrastructure.

The centralisation and virtualisation of IT infrastructures and the enhanced use of technical resources are two of the defining trends in the current IT landscape. This brings with it growing security requirements, higher demand for energy and cooling, and new legal provisions. Housing allows companies to accommodate their servers in Swisscom premises, meaning that they no longer have to worry about redundant network connections, disruptions to power supply and cooling systems, and the physical security of their servers, so they can avoid having to make costly investments and budget their costs more efficiently. They can also benefit from Swisscom's extensive experience in data centre operation.


Secured rooms in all sizes

The housing facilities offer variable-sized rooms tailored to customers' specific requirements. The uninterrupted supply of electricity and air cooling are guaranteed by redundant emergency power and air conditioning systems and monitored around the clock. The housing facilities also meet the highest physical security requirements, with access to the data centres protected by multiple coded gates and access control systems with biometric identification. Additional measures such as state-of-the-art alarm, early fire detection and video monitoring systems provide an additional degree of security.


Data centres planned in all areas of the country - sustainable IT infrastructure

Swisscom currently has two high-performance and secure housing facilities in Zurich Herdern and Enge. The Herdern site will be upgraded in 2010 at a cost of more than CHF 20 million and - once complete - will cover 3,000 square metres. In order to meet growing demand, Swisscom will expand its network of data centres on a step-by-step basis in line with customer needs. A data centre in Basel is currently under construction, with further sites planned in Geneva, Lausanne. Bellinzona and Central Switzerland. In total, Swisscom will make available up to 10,000 square metres of data centre space in the next two years - constituting a valuable investment in a sustainable IT infrastructure for Swiss companies.


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