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Swisscom enhances security for smartphones

Berne, 30 September 2009

Swisscom customers can now download software to upgrade the security level of their Windows Mobile devices. The F-Secure Mobile Security 5 program offers improved anti-theft protection with remote lock, remote wipe and anti-theft functions which allow handsets to be blocked via SMS and data to be deleted in the event of loss or theft. Mobile Assistants are also automatically blocked when the SIM card is replaced.

These days smartphones are often used as mobile offices and contain client e-mails, contact details of business partners and appointments which are always up-to-date and can be viewed at any time. Mobile phones therefore often contain confidential business information, which means the loss or theft of a user's device can be inconvenient and expensive for the company involved. Ensuring appropriate protection for your own device and being able to remotely control it in the event of loss is thus extremely important.


Three functions to protect your mobile phone

Swisscom is now offering additional F-Secure security software for all mobile phones with the Windows Mobile operating system. The Mobile Security 5 solution has three new anti-theft functions: remote lock, remote wipe and anti-theft.

The remote lock function allows the mobile phone and therefore access to all data to be blocked via a single SMS in an emergency. The owner simply sends an SMS containing the text #LOCK# (Example: #LOCK#abcd1234) to their own mobile phone number and the device is permanently blocked.

The second function, remote wipe, allows the user to delete all the data stored on the phone via SMS. By sending an SMS containing the text #WIPE# (Example: #WIPE#abcd1234) to their own mobile phone number, users can ensure that private and confidential information doesn't end up in the wrong hands if their phone is lost.

The anti-theft function automatically blocks the device if the SIM card is replaced, thereby protecting the data stored on it from unauthorised use. At the same time, an SMS is sent to the owner via a predefined partner number if an unauthorised person tries to activate the handset using another SIM card. The remote lock and anti-theft functions can be unblocked and deactivated at any time by entering a predefined security code.

The new F-Secure Client Mobile Security 5 can be used on all devices with the Windows Mobile operating system from version 5.0 upwards. Since June 2009, the software has also been available for handsets with the Symbian operating system (at Swisscom: Nokia E75, Nokia E71, Nokia E51).

Windows Mobile Client 5 can be downloaded at For the first six months, the service is free of charge for Swisscom customers, after which time it will be charged at CHF 3 a month.

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