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Press release

First solar-powered mobile phone from Swisscom: Samsung Blue Earth

Berne, 04 November 2009

From 16 November 2009 the first mobile phone equipped with a solar panel will be available exclusively from Swisscom. The solar panel attached to the back of the phone is designed as an additional charging aid so that for once users can leave their charger cables at home without the worry of running out of power. Sporting a touchscreen, mobile Internet access and a three-megapixel camera, the energy-saving handset is state of the art. Swisscom will also offer for the first time a solar vignette aimed at promoting the use of solar energy

The Samsung Blue Earth features an especially environmentally way to top up the battery: a solar panel fitted on the back allows the phone to be operated independently of the mains. An hour of normal daylight provides sufficient power for ten minutes' call time or two hours' standby. To add to the phone's green credentials, the housing is made from recycled plastic and the packaging can be reused as a picture frame. In addition, the installed ecomode feature allows energy-efficient operation which in turn prolongs the life of the battery. The handset skilfully combines environmental aspects with leading-edge technology: the generously sized touchscreen makes it optimally suited for mobile Internet access. It also features a three-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, a video player and a radio. From 16 November 2009 the Samsung Blue Earth will be available exclusively from all Swisscom Shops as well as the Swisscom Online Shop and will cost CHF 1 in combination with the NATEL liberty mezzo subscription. Without a subscription, the handset will cost CHF 529.


Promotion of solar energy with the solar vignette

Swisscom will also offer for the first time a so-called solar vignette. Customers who purchase a vignette will support the promotion of solar energy. For each solar vignette sold, 5kWh of solar power will be fed into the public electricity grid. That is equivalent to the average energy required to power a mobile phone for a year. Proceeds from the sale of the vignette will go to the youth solar project for the construction of new solar installations . The solar vignette costs CHF 5 and will be available from all Swisscom Shops from 9 November 2009.


Renewable energies - Swisscom environmental policy

Swisscom has been pursuing a systematic environmental management policy for over 10 years and became the world's first telecoms company to be certified to the ISO environmental standard. Swisscom purchases more green electricity from wind and solar power than any other company in Switzerland. Swisscom is also involved in various projects dedicated to the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency. For example, the Solar Impulse project, which aims to build an aircraft which will circle the earth in 2012 powered solely by solar energy. Swisscom is the official national telecoms partner of Solar Impulse and is developing a special communications solution so that when the aircraft circumnavigates the earth it will be able to transmit images, sound and video and the general public will be able to experience the event live.

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