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Berne, 10 November 2009

Today at the 2009 Innovation Day in Berne, Swisscom will share its vision for how the digital world will change and enhance people's lives. The company will present innovations which allow a glimpse of how communications, the world of work and information procurement will look in the future. One example of this is an exclusive eReading solution for the Swiss market, which can be used to read newspapers, magazines and books electronically. These and other ideas continue Swisscom's long history of innovations.

On eReading devices customers will be able to read their newspapers, magazines and books electronically. Unlike other commercially available products, it is set to be the first offering of topical Swiss contents.  To this end, Switzerland's major publishing companies have embarked on a collaborative venture with Swisscom which will make newspapers, magazines and books from Ringier, Tamedia, Edipresse, the NZZ Group and Orell Füssli available electronically. This cooperation aspires to create a genuine Swiss customer experience.

The eReading solution will function on different platforms and is not device-dependent. Customers will therefore be able to decide whether they would like to read texts on their computer or on a mobile phone, for example. All books, texts and articles are stored centrally - no time-consuming synchronisation is needed. An initial pilot project will begin in 2010 with a decision regarding a commercial launch to follow.


Online memory for insurance customers

Digital Insurance enables insurance companies to offer their customers protection against loss of data - and this includes their most precious moments as captured in photos, for example. Swisscom provides the network technology and storage space. The insured parties can use a special programme to conveniently save their digital data on a virtual hard drive on the Swisscom network. They will then be protected against theft, fire and water damage and any failures affecting their own computer. Various security measures are designed to ensure that the personal data is stored at Swisscom as securely and confidentially as possible - something no other backup solution can offer at this time. Swisscom managed to secure insurance group AXA Winterthur, who will soon start a pilot project, as its first partner.


Innovative TV remote controls and high-speed wireless networks

Swisscom also presents exciting ideas for the way we will consume television in the future. For example, in future it should be possible to operate a television using voice and gesture commands.  Television could also replace popular games consoles with games simply being accessed online without other devices.

Interesting approaches for linking modems and televisions in buildings via innovative, high-speed wireless networks or for mobile working in comfortable surroundings are further topics covered by the Swisscom 2009 Innovation Day. Swisscom's ideas for sustainable telecommunications and Blue Earth, Samsung's new solar-powered mobile phone, round off the event.


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