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Bluewin TV becomes Swisscom TV and chalks up over 200,000 customers

Berne, 19 November 2009

To celebrate its third birthday, Bluewin TV is getting a new name: Swisscom TV. The product name change is part of the strengthening of the Swisscom umbrella brand which took place in 2008. Three years after its launch, the product has really caught on in the mass market. Over 200,000 customers already value the diverse range of services, picture quality and excellent service they receive from Swisscom TV.

On its third birthday, Bluewin TV is being renamed Swisscom TV. The uniform brand identity will offer customers a full range of services from a single source under one name. The change will be made in the coming weeks and should be complete by the end of the year.


High level of satisfaction among Swisscom TV's 200,000+ customers

The launch of Bluewin TV around three years ago saw Swisscom successfully enter the television market. More than 200,000 customers have since opted for Swisscom's IP TV offering. The fact that customer numbers have doubled in the space of a year just goes to show that Swisscom TV has evolved from a niche product to a mass market product. "We are delighted with the latest figures," says Christian Petit, Head of Residential Customers at Swisscom. "Customer satisfaction, which has been continually improving over the last three years, is very positive. This is also substantiated by a number of external studies. Our customers value the simplicity of the product, the wide variety of channels, the picture quality and the excellent service."


An ever-expanding service offering: over 140 channels and many live sporting events

Swisscom TV offers a wide selection of channels. Since its launch, the number of TV channels in the basic package has increased from 100 to 140, while the number of radio stations has grown from 70 to over 130, with over 1,000 online stations. The range of live sporting events on offer is constantly being added to, for example with games from the top European football leagues. Customers can now choose from over 1,700 live sporting events on demand every year. Film buffs and music lovers can also take advantage of over 1,000 titles at the touch of a button. More than one million films and music titles have been rented out so far this year. Swisscom's TV service is available for as little as CHF 19 and from CHF 29 with recording function.


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