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Swisscom opens Security Operation Centre in Zurich

Berne, 19 January 2010

Swisscom is commissioning a new Security Operation Centre (SOC) in Zurich. Twenty-five IT and security specialists monitor the worldwide networks of customers from the services and industry sector around the clock. With the SOC, Swisscom provides international IT security services which satisfy the stringent Swiss data protection regulations and guidelines.

In an increasingly interconnected world the security of IT systems for companies is an increasingly important issue. The monitoring and protection of independent networks is also becoming a more complex operation and requires the skills of highly-specialised experts.   By opening the SOC, Swisscom is offering its customers the opportunity to outsource these tasks whilst simultaneously complying with the stringent Swiss data protection regulations and guidelines in place governing the financial sector. Assurance is also provided that no customer data are transferred abroad without the customer's permission or consent.

Maximum security in the Operation Centre

The SOC security systems, which quickly detect attacks on the customer networks, are monitored around the clock 365 days a year. Swisscom has invested several million francs in the development of the SOC. Twenty-five ICT security experts work in an area covering 350 square metres.

The SOC is housed in a disaster-proof building and has a four-stage physical security concept.  To ensure greatest possible availability, the mains power, air conditioning and data connection systems all have multiple configurations.

Security solutions tailored to customer requirements

The security experts in the SOC alert customers to any possible intrusions on the monitored systems or breach of security guidelines. This means that customers affected can initiate appropriate countermeasures immediately. Companies can even hand over the complete management of all their security systems to Swisscom. This guarantees that data are kept confidential, available and correct. More than thirty-five companies already benefit from the managed security services that are provided at the SOC. They use the guaranteed, worldwide monitoring of their systems whilst simultaneously benefitting from comparatively lower security costs.

Swisscom with strong partner

In the operation of the Security Operation Centre, Swisscom relies on close cooperation with Verizon Business, a partner with whom Swisscom has been providing bespoke communications solutions to international customers for around two years. Through this partnership, Swisscom benefits from the know-how and experience of Verizon as a leading global provider of ICT security solutions and can offer its customers global security services as well as global networking.

Security a major concern among Swisscom's corporate customers

The appointment of renowned security expert Remo Viscardi (50) as the new Head of ICT Security Services also demonstrates the level of importance assigned to the area of security at Swisscom. Up to now, Mr Viscardi has been CEO of Omnisec AG, one of the leading Swiss companies in the field of high-security encryption technology. Remo Viscardi reports directly to the Head of Swisscom Corporate Business, Urs Schaeppi.


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