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What young people really get up to on the Internet

Berne, 19 April 2010

Many adults lack understanding of the online world in which children and young people spend much of their time. Swisscom aims to shed some light on this world with its new enter guide and youth protection course. Both offerings highlight the benefits as well as the potential dangers of digital media and explain how to use them safely.

"Being online" has become a way of life, and children and young people are never without their computers and mobile phones. Which is why they can also be considered experts in digital media. But are they media literate, in other words, do they know how to use these media safely and responsibly?



enter guide: tips for parents and teachers

enter can be ordered free of charge at The enter guide is only available in German, French and Italian.




Youth protection course: get to know the dangers live


Swisscom's youth protection course accompanies parents and teachers on a voyage of discovery into the virtual world. They get to know the most important applications, find out where the hidden dangers are and how data is transferred and exchanged on mobile phones and the Internet. The course lasts two hours, costs CHF 30 and is taking place at various locations in both German- and French- speaking Switzerland. It is also possible to book the course for a parent or teacher event for which the speaker will come to a location of the organiser's choice. This on-demand course lasts two hours and costs the organiser a flat rate of CHF 400.




Further information and download:




enter replaces the SchoolNetGuide

enter replaces the SchoolNetGuide. The eleven issues of the SchoolNetGuide are available online at



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