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Press release

Swisscom IT Services to expand its service business

Berne, 11 May 2010

Swisscom IT Services is expanding its skills in the service business and is taking over the IT service providers Panatronic (Switzerland) AG, Eccotrust Solutions AG and IT Services + Logistik AG with a workforce of around 140. The fusion of the three companies, combined with around 360 employees from Swisscom IT Services, will form an independent subsidiary under the name of Swisscom Workplace Services Ltd, which will employ over 500 staff, at the end of 2010. A full range of skills relating to IT workplaces will be pooled in this new company. Heinz Többen will be the CEO of Swisscom Workplace Services Ltd. The Board of Directors will be led by Eros Fregonas (Chairman) and Claudio Cisullo (Vice Chairman).

With the takeover of Panatronic, Eccotrust and IT Services + Logistik, Swisscom IT Services will be able to extend its range of products and services in the field of printing and repair services, while substantially expanding its client base. The new independently managed company of Swisscom IT Services will employ around 500 staff, generate annual revenues of around CHF 180 million and will become a leading provider in the management of IT workplaces in Switzerland. The parties have agreed not to disclose details of the purchase price.

The merger of these companies to form Swisscom Workplace Services Ltd not only pools skills and broadens the client base, it also results in a significant reinforcement of on-site support with a nationwide network of service locations throughout Switzerland. Customers of the Swisscom IT Services Group will benefit from a comprehensive range of workplace, printing and repair services from a single source. In addition, the considerably expanded on-site service will provide customers with even better service and shorter response times.


Key growth market and significant potential for improvement in the area of printing

With estimated annual growth of over 5 per cent between now and 2013, workplace services are already a key growth market for Swisscom IT Services. The takeover of the companies will continue to strengthen this area: with around 30,000 managed printers at present, the current range will be expanded, which will allow synergies in customer care and service provision to be exploited. Moreover, Swisscom is expecting significant growth in the outsourcing of managed printing solutions. The software, OM+, developed by Eccotrust, for the monitoring, integration and automation of service logistics offers outsourcing customers further potential savings. In many companies printing is still a significant cost factor, and the optimisation potential in this area is estimated at 20 to 30 per cent.


Guaranteed management continuity

Heinz Többen, currently a member of the Management Board of Swisscom IT Services, will be the CEO of the new company Swisscom Workplace Services Ltd. He has been responsible for the area of End User Services, Transformation Projects and Architectures since the end of 2007 and is therefore the ideal candidate for the position of CEO. The current Chairman of the Board of Directors of the three merged companies, Claudio Cisullo, will take up the position of Vice Chairman of the new company in which he will hold a minority stake. He will provide the Swisscom IT Services Group with strategic support and will contribute his experience and business contacts. The future Board of Directors of Swisscom Workplace Services Ltd will comprise the following people: Eros Fregonas, Member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board and CEO of Swisscom IT Services (Chairman), Claudio Cisullo (Vice Chairman), Marc Römer, Roger Semprini and Patrick Dudli (Members of the Executive Board of Swisscom IT Services Ltd).


Swisscom IT Services Ltd

Swisscom IT Services ranks as one of the leading Swiss providers for the integration and operation of complex IT systems. This subsidiary of Swisscom supports its customers by providing professional advice and integration services and ensuring the stable operation of their IT infrastructure through partial or full outsourcing arrangements. Sourcag, Comit and Resource are subsidiaries of Swisscom IT Services. With 3,000 employees, the Swisscom IT Services Group serves around 300 customers in Switzerland and generated CHF 841 million in revenue in 2009.


Panatronic (Switzerland) AG

Panatronic (Switzerland) AG is the leading Swiss provider of Managed Printing Services. Since it was founded in 1976, Panatronic (Switzerland) AG, Dietikon ZH, has enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a competent system house and service provider. With a workforce of around 100 in sales, technology and logistics, Panatronic is an established and reliable provider, and is a leading player in the IT sector. Panatronic customers constitute a significant number of major Swiss companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises across all sectors.


Eccotrust Solutions AG

Eccotrust Solutions AG, Dietikon, Zurich, develops the software product OM+, which is focused on the automation of Managed Printing Services. In addition to the development of OM+, Eccotrust offers interface developments and integration projects in the managed printing environment. Eccotrust has seven permanent employees.


IT Services + Logistik AG

IT Services + Logistik AG, Urdorf, Zurich, provides repair and logistics services for the business areas distributors, wholesale markets and manufacturers. A key focus of IT Services + Logistik AG is the independent, complete management of a quality and repair centre for our customers.


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