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Swisscom launches Green ICT Check for businesses

Berne, 20 May 2010

Green ICT Check lets businesses calculate their potential savings in CO2 emissions and costs, simply and free of charge. It is available immediately on the Swisscom website and provides a valuable complementary tool to the company's existing portfolio of Green ICT products. Thanks to Green ICT, businesses can make a contribution to climate protection while achieving costs-savings and enhancing employee satisfaction.

It is well known that energy savings in ICT can make a sustained contribution to climate protection. Yet many businesses are unaware of the potential CO2 savings hidden in their ICT infrastructure, let alone how to go about achieving such savings. It is precisely here where Swisscom's Green ICT Check comes in. The user-friendly online tool lets companies calculate their potential savings in costs and CO2 emissions in a few simple steps, free of charge and without obligation. A detailed report is also provided on request. Factors such as the size and mobility of the workforce or the size of the data centre play a role in determining a company's potential savings in costs and CO2 emissions.


Cooperation with myclimate and WWF

"The Green ICT Check works with a large number of predefined values which correspond to statistical median values," explains Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Head of Marketing & Sales at Swisscom Corporate Business. "This minimises the amount of information that needs to be input manually, which greatly simplifies the task. The median values can of course be overwritten by the company's own values if known. This adds to the precision of the calculation." The calculations and predefined values were worked out in conjunction with the not-for-profit foundation myclimate and subsequently checked by the latter in association with the WWF. René Estermann, Managing Director of myclimate: "The intelligent deployment of ICT solutions is a key factor in climate protection. The Green ICT Check enables Swiss firms to assess this potential in a pragmatic manner."


Green ICT helps generate cost-savings

Environmental protection using Green ICT is all about becoming more efficient and reducing travel and energy consumption - and, last but not least, saving costs. The Green ICT Check is the first step in this direction. Swisscom is there to advise its customers as a partner. The next step, a Green ICT Audit, can be used to determine specific actions that a company would need to take to become more efficient and environmentally friendly. The audit also shows targeted measures to reduce CO2 emissions and costs. Solutions ranging from Home Office solutions to Collaboration Services help reduce business travel, while environmentally run data centres can achieve significant savings in energy consumption. Following successful implementation, the customer receives a Green ICT certificate showing the effective CO2 savings. The certificate is issued in conjunction with myclimate.


Setting a good example

Swisscom has been operating an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system since 1999 and is fully committed to green products. Swisscom is on track to meeting its target of cutting Group-wide CO2 emissions by 60 per cent between 1990 and 2015 cent and improving energy efficiency (in terms of electricity consumption) by a further 20 per cent between 2009 and 2015. The ICT service provider procures all of its electricity from renewable energy sources and operates energy-efficient networks and data centres. Moreover, Swisscom is replacing its fleet of company vehicles with energy-efficient cars and reducing energy consumption in telecoms devices and in its own buildings. Swisscom is a member of the WWF Climate Group and is fully committed to the environmental venture, Solar Impulse. But, above all, Swisscom employees are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Green ICT. The use of home-office and complementary video- and teleconferencing solutions enables each employee to reduce his or her business travel while making a contribution to environmental protection and benefitting from time-savings and an improved quality of life.


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