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SME+: Swisscom to expand its advisory service for SMEs in Swisscom Shops

Berne, 18 June 2010

Swisscom is expanding its regional advisory service for SMEs. Under the name "SME+", experts will offer advice to interested companies in selected Swisscom Shops on all matters concerning communications solutions. Around 35 Swisscom Shops will carry the SME+ label and offer advisory services by the end of 2010.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of the Swiss economy. In order to be able to provide first-class services, they have high standards in many respects - including their communication solutions. Reliability, security and, not least, excellent service are essential for them. For many years now, Swisscom has been offering products and services specially designed to meet SME-specific requirements in order to help medium-sized companies with their daily business.

In May 2009 Swisscom opened the first SME Competence Centre in the Swisscom Shop in Lucerne's main train station aimed at providing customised advice to SMEs. The pilot project recorded high visitor numbers after just a few weeks and received positive feedback from customers. Due to the overwhelming response and interest from customers, Swisscom is now expanding this offering: under the new name SME+, around 35 shops throughout Switzerland will be offering the SME advisory service by the end of the year. SME+ will be integrated in existing Swisscom Shops. This is a further step by Swisscom to offer targeted, customised advice to SMEs throughout Switzerland.


Advice from SME experts

In the Swisscom Shops offering the additional SME+ service, staff who have been specially trained on the needs of SMEs will advise businesses on all matters concerning communication. The advisory service begins with questions on mobile and fixed-line access and covers everything from Internet connections to consulting for outsourcing a company's entire ICT infrastructure. Visitors will be able to test the products in the shops. Appointments can be arranged in the shops or online.


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