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Swiss Homeowner Association (HEV Schweiz) agrees sample fibre-optic contract with Swisscom and cooperation partners

Berne, 29 June 2010

Swisscom and the Swiss Homeowner Association (HEV Schweiz) have agreed terms for the previously announced sample contract governing the details of fibre-optic connections between homeowners and network providers as part of fibre to the home (FTTH). This represents another important step in the expansion of Switzerland fibre-optic network. In addition to Swisscom, cooperation partners including ewb (Berne), ewz (Zurich), Group E (Fribourg), SIG (Geneva) and IWB (Basel) will also be applying the joint contract. Further investment partners will follow over time.

The sample contract agreed between Swiss Homeowner Association (HEV Schweiz) and Swisscom governs both fibre-optic connections to buildings and cabling from domestic junction boxes to individual homes. The fibre-optic cabling in riser shafts is installed and financed by Swisscom or the relevant cooperation partner, but ownership is then transferred to the building's owner. The companies providing the financing receive sole usage rights for the fibre-optic infrastructure and are responsible for maintaining it. The multi-fibre model that has been agreed allows competition for the high-speed fibre-optic network while at the same time preventing any undesirable parallel connections in riser shafts.

The sample contract forms the basis for homeowners to have fibre-optic cabling laid not just into the building but into their own homes. It is applicable to existing buildings that are not yet connected to the fibre-optic network. It does not apply to new buildings, however.


Sample contract to promote rapid expansion of the fibre-optic network

HEV Schweiz sees the agreement as a good solution and is delighted that Swisscom's cooperation partners will now be implementing the sample contract as well. It is advising its members to sign the contract. "By signing, HEV and its members are actively supporting fibre-optic expansion," explains Ansgar Gmür, Chairman of HEV Schweiz. Numerous regional homeowners' and property associations were also involved in shaping the sample contract.

By financing fibre-optic cabling in riser shafts Swisscom and its cooperation partners are driving fibre-optic expansion in Switzerland. At the same time, they are taking into account the fierce competition and strong momentum in the market. These two factors will ensure that customers are able to enjoy fibre-optic services even sooner.

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