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Swisscom launches Centro grande - a new generation of routers

Berne, 22 July 2010

Swisscom is launching Centro grande, a new generation of faster, more efficient and future-oriented routers, whose attractive design will please even the most discerning eye. Centro grande offers ADSL as well as VDSL access, supports the fast WLAN 802.11n standard and is also available in a fibre-optic-compatible version on request. The new router will be available in Swisscom Shops from the beginning of August 2010.

The Internet has now become an essential part of everyday life. Swisscom's Centro grande brings to the market a new generation of future-ready routers that enable access to every type of Internet service, as well as Swisscom TV and Voice-over-IP telephony.


Switch WLAN on or off with ECO button or online scheduler

The electricity consumption of the Centro grande in standby mode has been reduced by more than 25 per cent compared with current WLAN routers, which means that the device fulfils the energy saving objectives of the European Code of Conduct for Broadband Equipment. Users can also reduce their energy consumption by switching WLAN off when they don't need a wireless connection, simply by pressing the ECO button or using the Internet scheduler in the Swisscom Customer Centre.


No need to exchange routers when switching technologies

Centro grande offers both ADSL and VDSL access and is also available in a version that is compatible with fibre-optic networks. When rebooted, the router automatically identifies and utilises the available access technology, which means that it is no longer necessary to exchange routers when, for example, switching from ADSL to VDSL. The new router ensures that customers are extremely well prepared for the future of telecommunications.

The router has Ethernet and VoIP connections for services such as Swisscom TV, Internet and Voice-over-IP telephony. Centro grande is WLAN-compatible and complies with the 802.11n standard. And thanks to its elegant design, the new router looks good too. The problem of "cable salad" has been overcome using integrated storage and cable management accessories and, thanks to plug & play, customers also benefit from intuitive, simple installation.

The new router will be available in Swisscom Shops from the beginning of August. Centro grande will be available with a DSL contract for CHF 149. Customers who do not want a WLAN connection will receive a Centro piccolo router free of charge when they sign a contract.


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