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Swisscom to provide access monitoring services to 19 Swiss casinos

Berne, 20 September 2010

Everyone who goes to a Swiss casino is subjected to an access control procedure. If the person's name is on a blacklist, he or she will be refused entry. From the end of the year, Swisscom will be responsible for the access control application and the data exchange with other casinos.

Since March, it has been a case of "no more bets" for some guests before they even cross the threshold of any casino. If their name is on a local or nationwide blacklist, they are refused entry. The reasons for blacklisting are many and varied. It might be a ban on entering a particular venue or cheating and some gambling addicts even request to have themselves blacklisted.

Swisscom IT Services has developed a software application that allows all 19 casinos across Switzerland to check customers' ID cards against the Federation of Swiss Casinos' blacklist quickly and easily. It will also carry out the maintenance of the application over the coming years. In addition, Swisscom is responsible for ensuring the networking of the casinos with each other. The new solution is of key importance to the casinos: "It ensures that banned gamblers are prevented from moving on to the next casino and that we can fulfil our legal obligations," explains Marc Friedrich, Managing Director of the Federation of Swiss Casinos. The association chose Swisscom so that it could receive all the services from a single provider and guarantee secure operations.

The project began in March and will be extended to all 19 Swiss casinos at the end of the year. The contract, worth a total of nearly CHF 1 million, will run for an initial term of three years.


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