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Press release

Massive cut in cost of mobile surfing abroad - cost ceiling to protect customers from high bills

Berne, 04 November 2010

Swisscom will be making massive cuts in data roaming prices as of 1 December 2010. Attractive one-day packages that include a volume of 5 megabytes (MB) will replace flat-rate prices. At the new prices, customers just pay CHF 7 for 5 MB within the EU instead of the old rate of CHF 10 per MB. All customers with a subscription will benefit from the new offer automatically. A cost ceiling will protect customers from high data roaming bills in future.

Beginning 1 December, Swisscom will be making drastic cuts to prices for mobile surfing abroad. Instead of a global flat rate, customers with subscriptions will automatically benefit from attractive one-day packages of 5 MB. In European countries, for instance, customers will only pay CHF 7 for a data package of 5 MB. The one-day packages will be valid for 24 hours. With this new offer, Swisscom facilitates mobile surfing abroad at affordable prices. "World Option Flex" still remains the most economical international offer for frequent surfers and callers. This now also includes one-day packages for subscribers but with twice the volume included (10 MB). The basic fee and rates for phone calls and SMS messages remain unchanged.
The price adjustment will enable Swisscom to further expand its leading position in mobile roaming and once again pass improved purchase terms on to customers. In addition to attractive rates with 213 countries and 590 partner networks, Swisscom customers also benefit from the best roaming coverage. Swisscom does not expect the roaming price adjustment to impact revenue or operating income (EBITDA), as the demand for these services will continue to rise sharply and purchase prices will fall.


The new data prices abroad at a glance:


                 New data roaming prices

  New standard price New data prices for
World Option Flex
Basic fee - CHF 9/month (roaming only)**
EU/Western Europe CHF 7/24 hours* (incl. 5 MB) CHF 7/24 hours* (incl. 10MB)
Other popular countries*** CHF 14/24 hours* (incl. 5 MB) CHF 14/24 hours* (incl. 10MB)
Rest of the world CHF 0.30/30 KB CHF 0.30/30 KB

* CHF 0.30/30 KB is charged until the total reaches the price of the package (CHF 0.20/30 KB for World Option Flex). After that, the attractive one-day package principle is applied. This prevents infrequent users from having to pay the new one-day price from the start.

** Only charged if roaming services are used

*** Egypt, Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia + Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Canada, Kosovo, Croatia, La Réunion, Malaysia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, United Arab Emirates, Belorussia


Cost ceiling protects customers from high bills - improved price transparency

Swisscom will implement additional measures to increase roaming transparency and cost control for its customers even further. Beginning in spring 2011, Swisscom will send its customers an SMS message once certain costs have been incurred for data roaming. Furthermore, Swisscom will restrict data roaming once a certain cost ceiling has been reached to protect customers from high mobile bills. Customers can set the ceiling individually and to suit their own budget. This guarantees them full cost control at all times and makes smartphones ideal for trips abroad.



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