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Swisscom launches attractive mobile subscriptions for young people

Berne, 18 January 2011

From 1 February 2011 young people under the age of 26 will be able to choose from three new mobile subscriptions. NATEL xtra liberty start, NATEL xtra liberty primo and NATEL xtra liberty medio will allow customers to call third-party mobile networks at attractive hourly rates. The new offerings will also give young subscribers a bigger SMS allowance as well as a cost limit for mobile surfing.

Starting on 1 February 2011, Swisscom will offer three new mobile subscriptions for under 26-year-olds: NATEL xtra liberty primo, NATEL xtra liberty medio and NATEL xtra liberty start. Instead of the current billing of phone calls to third-party mobile networks in Switzerland by the minute, customers will benefit in future from attractive hourly rates. Nothing therefore stands in the way of people making long phone calls to family and friends. There are also improvements in SMS messaging and mobile surfing: as well as a bigger SMS and data allowance, the subscriptions now allow SMS messages to be sent abroad. A daily data transmission limit of CHF 5 will keep mobile Internet usage costs under control. The new subscriptions replace the current offerings for young people; existing customers can continue to use their respective subscriptions. The prepaid offering for young people - NATEL easy xtra-liberty - remains unchanged.


Offerings for first-time users and frequent users

With NATEL xtra liberty primo, young people can make unlimited phone calls free of charge around the clock to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network for CHF 29 a month and benefit from an attractive hourly rate of CHF 0.90 for calls to other networks. The subscription also includes a data allowance of 100 MB as well as 100 free SMS messages. The offering is therefore an ideal starter subscription for mobile surfing and for all those who love to phone and communicate a lot with their friends via SMS.

The surfing subscription NATEL xtra liberty medio costs CHF 45 a month and offers customers a data allowance of 500 MB and free phone calls to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network. Calls to other provider networks cost only CHF 0.70 an hour. The offer also includes 250 free SMS messages.

With NATEL xtra liberty start, customers can make free phone calls to the Swisscom network evenings between 7 pm and 7 am and also in future at weekends and on public holidays - for CHF 19 a month. The attractive new hourly rate of CHF 0.90 will apply to calls to third-party networks. The subscription also includes 100 free SMS messages per month.


New offerings for young people at a glance:

  New offerings from Swisscom for young people
  NATEL® xtra liberty start   NATEL® xtra liberty primo  NATEL® xtra liberty medio
For whom? For those who spend a long time on the phone For those who surf little but phone a lot For those who surf daily and phone a lot
Basic monthly fee CHF 19 CHF 29 CHF 45
Free phone calls Evenings from 7 pm - 7 am + Sat/Sun + public holidays: free calls to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network Free calls to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network Free calls to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network
Calls to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network CHF 0.70 / per hour Included Included
Calls to third-party mobile and fixed networks CHF 0.90 / per hour CHF 0.90 / per hour CHF 0.70 / per hour
Number of SMS messages included (to and from abroad) 100 & 500 SMS via Xtra-Zone 100 & 500 SMS via Xtra-Zone 250 & 500 SMS via Xtra-Zone
SMS price (to and from abroad) CHF 0.15 CHF 0.15 CHF 0.15
Data allowance - 100 MB 500 MB
Price for each additional MB CHF 2.50 / 1MB CHF 0.10 / 1MB CHF 0.10 / 1MB
Cost limit per day CHF 5 CHF 5 CHF 5 


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