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New Swisscom apps for simple TV enjoyment

Berne, 19 January 2011

Swisscom has launched two new mobile phone apps. Swisscom TV plus customers can call up the Swisscom TV Guide for iPhone at any time while on the move and can use it to schedule which programmes they wish to record via their TV box at home. This way they no longer miss out on any interesting films or programmes. Swisscom is also offering a new app for Swisscom TV air that makes mobile television viewing on iPhone, Android and Microsoft devices even simpler and more convenient.

Swisscom TV plus customers can access the free new Swisscom TV Guide app at any time while on the move and schedule the recording of their favourite programmes. They can also use it to call up the full television programme, at any time, wherever they happen to be. They can browse through the film catalogue, containing over 1,000 top films (Teleclub on Demand), watch trailers and schedule films for later viewing. At home, they simply key in the order number using the remote control and the "night at the movies" can begin. The Swisscom TV Guide (in four languages) is available immediately in the Apple App Store and is automatically downloaded in the language of the smartphone.


New Swisscom TV air app for simpler mobile TV viewing

Swisscom has also launched a new app for Swisscom TV air. With the new app - for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices - customers simply select the respective TV symbol in order to watch mobile television. Thanks to Swisscom TV air, customers can watch TV on their computer as well as on their mobile phone while on the move. Over 100,000 users already subscribe to this service and benefit from 50 TV programmes, over 2,000 exclusive football and ice-hockey matches a year (Teleclub Sport Live) and more than 1,000 blockbuster films, documentaries, family and children's programmes.
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