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CHF 7 billion savings with green ICT solutions

Berne, 16 March 2011

Green ICT solutions offer great potential for companies. New projections from myclimate and Swisscom show that huge savings could still be made in Switzerland - totalling some CHF 7 billion and 750,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents. The latter represents almost Switzerland's entire annual shortfall in meeting its Kyoto Protocol targets. To make environmentally friendly offers for customers visible, Swisscom, working in conjunction with the myclimate foundation, now uses a label to identify particularly climate-friendly products and services.

Over 500 Swiss companies have had the potential savings they could make by using green ICT solutions calculated by Swisscom using Green-ICT-Check. To do this, myclimate and Swisscom used the details of 133 companies to project the average for the Swiss economy as a whole. The results were astounding: Efficient ICT solutions could enable Swiss companies to save a quantity of CO2 equivalent to the annual emissions of 250,000 cars (750,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents), the electricity consumption of around 100,000 households (493,000 MWh) or around 500 years of travel time. The calculations also show that there is even more potential. Efficient ICT solutions would allow potential annual savings in the costs of energy, travel and travel time of around CHF 7 billion, a figure that includes the investment costs for mobile workplaces.

According to the Federal Office for the Environment, the potential saving of 750,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents represents almost the entire shortfall in meeting Switzerland's Kyoto Protocol target (800,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year). CO2 equivalents highlight the climate damage caused by greenhouse gases, with carbon dioxide serving as the reference value. The projections were calculated with the help of myclimate. The details were amended to take account of the Swiss population's mobility behaviour using estimates from the University of St. Gallen and the results of Mikrozensus-Studie.


Swisscom launches a new label for particularly climate-friendly products

Companies can reduce their energy consumption by employing modern ICT solutions such as videoconferencing or home office solutions as well as obtaining their IT services from energy-efficient data centres. Swisscom offers its customers a broad range of products for this purpose. To increase the visibility of particularly climate-friendly services such as teleworking offers or e-billing for customers, we, together with the non-profit myclimate foundation, will be identifying them with a special Label in future. This label will be given to products whose total CO2 emissions are considerably lower than comparable products. These total emissions include emissions from the manufacture, operation and disposal of a product.

"By examining Swisscom's most effective products and services and labelling them, we can make the enormous climate protection potential of modern ICT technologies visible for customers," says René Estermann, CEO of myclimate. Following successful implementation of the solution, the customer receives a certificate from Swisscom and myclimate showing the effective CO2 savings. So far, around 18 products from all areas of Swisscom have been given the label.

The green ICT check allows companies to easily calculate their own CO2 equivalent and cost savings potential as regards energy and transport. The reports are free of charge and non-binding, and the detailed report now contains even more information, as well as additional tips and tricks on environmentally conscious business.



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