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Swisscom launches fibre-optic subscriptions for SMEs

Berne, 27 April 2011

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can now also enjoy fast fibre-optic access: fibre-optic subscriptions tailored specifically to their requirements offer speeds of up to 50 Mbps for downloads and 5 Mbps for sending data.

SMEs are constantly demanding higher and higher bandwidth. Teleworking, the operation of in-house web servers and real-time applications such as Internet telephony are becoming an increasingly common feature of modern working life.

The new fibre-optic subscriptions Business Internet light 50/5 Mbps and 30/3 Mbps meet this demand and allow SMEs to use communication services and applications simultaneously over the fibre-optic broadband network and hence enjoy the benefits of this new technology. Since SMEs are generally more demanding than residential customers with regard to availability and service, the subscriptions can be combined with the "Business SLA" option. This guarantees that problems will be rectified within 24 hours of customers reporting them.

More than 230,000 apartments and businesses are now connected to the fibre-optic network. This figure will rise to more than 1 million by 2015. Interested SMEs can visit to check whether they already have a fibre-optic connection available, or call the SME hotline (0800 055 055) to find out when the network expansion will reach their office address. If the building is fibre-optic enabled, Business Internet light can be ordered through a Swisscom partner or the SME hotline.


Fibre-optic subscriptions from 1 April 2011:

Fibre-optic subscriptions for SMEs*



Monthly charge


Business Internet light 30/3 30/3 MBit/s 140 CHF 
Business Internet light 50/5 50/5 MBit/s 160 CHF

*Both subscriptions can be combined with a Business SLA for CHF 130 per month.


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