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Freiburg Weko decision won't be challenged in the Federal Administrative Court

Berne, 31 May 2011

Swisscom and Groupe E will not challenge the decision of the Swiss Federal Competition Commission (Weko) on the Freiburg cooperation project in the Federal Administrative Court. At the end of April, after months of examination, Weko concluded that the planned joint venture between Groupe E and Swisscom could not be examined in the context of merger control.

The two cooperation partners Swisscom and Groupe E will not challenge Weko's decision on the Freiburg fibre-optic network in the Federal Administrative Court. With its decision, Weko fundamentally calls into question the joint venture. An appeal procedure would not reduce the legal uncertainty thereby created in the foreseeable future, nor would it significantly improve the already jeopardised prospects of success for the cooperation. Groupe E and Swisscom are currently analysing whether and in what form joint expansion of the fibre-optic network in Fribourg can take place.



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