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Securing and managing company smartphones with Swisscom

Berne, 07 June 2011

Together with its partner MobileIron, Swisscom offers an enhanced solution for centralised management of company smartphones. A remote management system now enables direct access to the devices. This provides extra security as the devices are thereby protected from misuse, are locked in the event of loss and the data can be deleted.

The growing number of company smartphones and tablets poses new challenges for managers. On the one hand, the company's device pool includes an ever growing number of types of smartphone, while on the other these are also increasingly used for both private and business calls. The different types of device need to be able to be integrated into the company network without compromising security standards. The Mobile Remote Management system from MobileIron now enables Swisscom to provide a solution that is suitable for the main operating systems Android, BlackBerry, Apple iOS, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile.


Centralised management for all business units

This remote management system enables all company smartphones and tablets to be easily integrated in the company network and to be managed over the air. It doesn't matter where the device is if there is a mobile connection. It is possible to access each individual device, e.g. for reconfiguration, device identification, release or locking. Applications and software updates can also be easily distributed to the entire device pool.

This standardised device management system has many advantages. The system can request security measures, such as a change of password by the user. In the event of loss or theft, a device can be easily located and its contents deleted at the touch of a button if necessary. The company also maintains absolute control over costs for calls and data traffic. All of these things save time and money and increase security.


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About MobileIron

As a leading provider of software in the area of mobile device management, MobileIron offers solutions to problems faced by CIOs due to the shift from company data and applications to smartphones and tablet PCs. The MobileIron virtual smartphone platform is the first solution which gives IT specialists and users an insight into and control over mobile content, activities and apps in real More information is available at




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