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Swisscom joins global sustainability initiative

Berne, 23 June 2011

Swisscom is to join the global initiative GeSI (Global e-Sustainability initiative). The move will enable Swisscom to place more emphasis on sustainability in the ICT sector and campaign at international level for the ecological and socially responsible management of resources.

Established in 2001, GeSI is a partnership of various international ICT companies and associations. Its members commit themselves to acting in an ecological and socially responsible manner and promoting technologies which contribute to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. Swisscom takes its ethical, ecological and social responsibilities seriously. Becoming a member of GeSI will add increased weight to Swisscom’s concerns in the international arena and help it play an active role in the development of industry-wide methods and standards. Working with GeSI will enable uniform standards for the entire supply chain to be defined, covering, for example, the implementation of socially responsible working conditions for those involved in extracting the raw materials for mobile phones and systematic measurements of the CO2 consumption of products.


Major ambitions regarding sustainability

According to the new Verdantix report, Swisscom is among the five most sustainable telecom providers in Europe. This is largely the result of systematically anchored sustainability management and its broad range of Green ICT products. Swisscom already uses renewable resources to cover its entire electricity requirements and has also set ambitious sustainability goals for the years to come. By 2015, Swisscom aims to boost its energy efficiency by another 20% compared to 1 January 2010, cut its CO2 emissions by a further 10% and boost sales of sustainable products by 10%.




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