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Press release

More value for SMEs: hourly rates for calls to all networks with Natel Office

Berne, 04 July 2011

From today, Swisscom is offering two new mobile subscriptions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): with the Natel Office offerings, SMEs can make calls to all Swiss mobile networks and to the fixed network for a standard hourly rate. A data volume of 500 MB or 1.25 GB is included for carefree use of the mobile Internet or for accessing e-mails. The Natel Office subscriptions also include free SMS and free calls to the Combox. Calls to neighbouring countries will be cheaper with the new subscriptions, and calls within the company network will still be free of charge.

With the new, straightforward hourly rates to all Swiss networks, SMEs can now benefit from substantially lower tariffs, in particular for longer calls. A generous data volume and free SMS transmission are also included. If the inclusive volume is consumed by data transmission, a cost ceiling provides extra protection: customers never pay more than CHF 5 per day, and for that they have unlimited use of the mobile Internet. Calls to the Combox are now free, and calls within the company network are still free. In addition, call tariffs to neighbouring countries will be reduced by 25 per cent to CHF 0.45/min.


Two subscriptions, tailored to the needs of SMEs

With Natel Office standard, corporate customers are well equipped for the challenges of modern working life for CHF 45 per month: they can make calls to the Swisscom network for CHF 0.50 per hour and now to other providers’ networks for CHF 0.70 per hour. With the integrated data volume of 500 MB, e-mails and Internet services can be accessed at any time while on the move. 100 inclusive SMS are available for sending brief messages.

Corporate customers who are heavy users of mobile services or cloud offerings can choose Natel Office advanced. For CHF 75 per month, they can make calls to the Swisscom network for CHF 0.30 per hour, and now to third-party networks for CHF 0.50 per hour. Thanks to the inclusive data volume of 1.25 GB, it is possible to send large e-mail attachments or download documents without any problems. 250 inclusive SMS are available for sending brief messages.


The new offerings at a glance:

  New Swisscom offering for corporate customers

Natel® Office standard

Natel® Office advanced

Suitable for

Corporate customers who want to make use of the opportunities of day-to-day business.

Corporate customers who make a lot of calls and require a very high data volume.

Basic monthly fee

CHF 45

CHF 75

Calls to the Swisscom mobile and fixed network

CHF 0.50 / hour

CHF 0.30 / hour

Calls to third-party mobile and fixed networks

CHF 0.70 / hour

CHF 0.50 / hour

Calls to the newly enlarged country group 1*

CHF 0.45 / minute

CHF 0.45 / minute

Additional MB / daily cost ceiling

500MB incl.

CHF 0.10 / CHF 5

1250MB incl.

CHF 0.10 / CHF 5

SMS units included, per SMS thereafter

100 SMS incl.

CHF 0.15 / SMS

250 SMS incl.

CHF 0.10 / SMS


All tariffs for use in Switzerland.
Per call up to max. 60 minutes and for each additional hour or part thereof. Excluding business numbers and short numbers.

*Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic,  Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia



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