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Swisscom launches its first Swisscom TV, Internet and fixed-line package with a mobile subscription – Vivo Tutto

Berne, 28 July 2011

On 2 August 2011 Swisscom is launching a new Vivo Casa package. In addition to Swisscom TV, fixed-line telephony and Internet, the new Vivo Tutto package will also include a mobile subscription. The new package will allow customers to make free mobile calls to the Swisscom fixed network and mobile network during their leisure time or round the clock.

Over 300,000 Swisscom customers currently subscribe to a combined offering that includes Swisscom TV, fixed-line telephony and Internet. On 2 August Swisscom will add a new offering to its range: the new Vivo Tutto offering will allow customers to combine the existing Vivo Casa packages with the mobile subscriptions NATEL liberty medio, NATEL liberty largo, or the flat-rate mobile subscription BeFree. This means they will be able to watch television, browse the Internet or make phone calls from home or while on the move – all on a single subscription. Vivo Tutto customers will enjoy additional benefits - in combination with a NATEL liberty medio subscription, they will be able to make free phone calls to the Swisscom network while on the move in the evening and at weekends, or round the clock if they have a NATEL liberty largo subscription. NATEL BeFree customers already enjoy free communication on all Swiss networks; Vivo Tutto will allow them to benefit from a lower subscription price of CHF 129 instead of CHF 169.


Second mobile phone number from the end of 2011

The launch of Vivo Tutto marks a continuation of Swisscom's successful bundle strategy. Customers who already subscribe to a Vivo Casa offering and one of Swisscom's three combined NATEL subscriptions will automatically be able to enjoy the benefits of Vivo Tutto from 2 August. At the end of 2011 the offer will be extended to households with more than one person, which means that the additional benefits offered by Vivo Tutto will also be available on a second NATEL subscription.


Vivo Tutto at a glance

Possible subscription combinations:

Additional benefits:

Vivo Casa

(3, 4 or 5 stars)


NATEL liberty medio
(CHF 45/month)
  Evenings (7 pm to 7 am) and at weekends Free mobile calls in Switzerland to Swisscom fixed network and mobile network
+ NATEL liberty largo
(CHF 75/month)
= Round the clock
Free mobile calls in Switzerland to Swisscom fixed and mobile network
+ NATEL BeFree
(CHF 129 instead of CHF 169/month)
= Subscription price
NATEL BeFree CHF 129 instead of CHF 169/month


The minimum subscription term depends on the individual products. New Vivo Casa customers: 12 months. New mobile customers: 12 or 24 months. The valid minimum subscription term remains unchanged. The additional benefits for Vivo Tutto depend on the type of NATEL subscription selected. Free phoning with Vivo Tutto (NATEL liberty medio/largo) applies to domestic mobile calls.



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