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Swisscom increases DSL bandwidths: faster surfing speed for the same price

Berne, 16 August 2011

Swisscom is increasing the bandwidths of its DSL packages, allowing customers to now surf the web at home up to twice as fast as before. The monthly subscription charge remains unchanged. This gradual changeover will be completed by the end of 2012. Residential and business customers stand to benefit equally from the changes.

Many people currently use the Internet at home on a daily basis, with demand increasing all the time. Internet traffic on the Swisscom fixed network has doubled in the last 20 months. Some residential Swisscom customers are now surfing the web much faster and benefiting from speeds up to double what they enjoyed previously for downloading and sending data. The monthly subscription charge remains unchanged. Bandwidths for DSL start, DSL mini and DSL standard, the most popular Internet subscription in Switzerland, are being increased. DSL standard customers can now surf the web at up to 10,000 kbps (up from 5,000 kbps). SME customers with Business Internet light ADSL packages will also gain from the changes. The surfing speed for all of Swisscom's other DSL packages remains unchanged. The changeover to this double bandwidth will be a gradual process. The majority of customers will benefit from the increased bandwidth from the end of September at the latest. Most customers with a DSL standard subscription will require a new router to enjoy the full new bandwidth. Swisscom is replacing the routers for free and will complete the network changeovers by the end of 2012 at the latest. Customers will be contacted individually with details of their changeover date.


DSL service packages

Swisscom's DSL customers can also enjoy attractive service offering such as "Internet Security" which protects them from viruses and hackers and allows them to surf the web without any concerns. The child protection features included in the package protect children from accessing websites with unsuitable content. And Swisscom is also making it easier for inexperienced users to go online by offering courses on Internet applications across Switzerland for surfers aged 50 and above and making Amico experts available to assist with computer problems.


Overview of DSL packages


DSL start

DSL mini

DSL standard



New speed (download/ upload)

500/100 kbps
2,000/200 kbps
10, 000/1,000 kbps
20, 000/2,000 kbps
20, 000/2,000 kbps

Hitherto speed (download/ upload)

300/100 kbps
1,000/100 kbps
5,000/500 kbps
20, 000/2,000 kbps
20 ,000/2,000 kbps

Subscription charge/month

CHF 0/month and

CHF 3/hour

CHF 34/month

CHF 49/month

CHF 69/month including unlimited calls on the Swiss fixed network

CHF 59/month
plus NATEL subscription, no charge for fixed network connection


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