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Swisscom harmonises contractual conditions for all products

Berne, 18 August 2011

From the start of September, Swisscom customers will benefit from simplified and harmonised contractual conditions for all products: after any minimum contract period, the notice period will generally be 60 days. This makes Swisscom the only Swiss provider to do away with automatic contract extensions and offer customers greater flexibility.

Swisscom is harmonising contractual conditions for its products: the notice period for Swisscom TV, landline and Internet services and NATEL subscriptions is now 60 days. Any minimum contract period applicable when purchasing a discounted mobile phone, for example, continues to apply. Swisscom is therefore the first Swiss provider to do away with automatic contract extensions (roll-overs), in line with its ongoing strategy to continually improve customer service.


Part of a series of customer-friendly measures

This change to mobile phone contracts and the improved service it brings Swisscom customers is part of raft of measures implemented by Swisscom over the last 12 months. Since November 2010, new and existing customers have enjoyed the same equipment prices. Last December Swisscom also once again slashed its roaming prices and this summer introduced an effective costs check for customers using data abroad. This allows customers to set a limit and check the costs they have incurred against this in real time. Along with various exclusive services such as a new extensive warranty for new devices, an SMS subscription advice service, a dense network of Swisscom Shops and a free hotline, Swisscom is aiming to offer its customers the best service among Swiss mobile phone providers.

A recent study conducted by Y&R shows that customers value this service. This study showed that customers place the greatest trust in Swisscom in terms of quality, service and tradition among all providers on the Swiss telecommunications market – something reflected in the company’s high levels of customer loyalty.


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