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Further drop in roaming prices: Swisscom reinforces its position as cheapest provider

Zurich, 20 September 2011

Swisscom intends to reduce its prices for mobile phone usage abroad: every year up until 2014, the cost of calling in Europe will decrease by CHF 0.05 per minute. Prices will be reduced for the first time on 1 October for subscription customers, with the next price adjustment following in summer 2012. This will represent a total price reduction for customers of around CHF 30 million over the next three years. And there is more good news: Prepaid customers will also benefit from price reductions beginning in 2012, and data communication will also become cheaper. That means Swisscom will continue to be the cheapest provider by far in the Swiss market for mobile phone usage abroad.

Swisscom is the only Swiss telecoms provider to have continuously lowered its roaming prices in Europe and worldwide over the last few years. For data roaming, Swisscom is already one of the cheapest providers in Europe today. Prices will continue to fall also in the future. Every year up until 2014,  the cost of telephoning to EU countries alone will decrease by CHF 0.05 per minute. This applies to standard tariffs as well as World Option flex. In a first step beginning on 1 October, prices will drop for subscription customers on calls within Europe and to Switzerland - the per-minute rate will be reduced by CHF 0.05 to CHF 0.80. On 1 July 2012, prices will be lowered again by the same amount. By 2014 the reduction in prices will thus amount to nearly 25%. This represents an overall reduction of around CHF 30 million. To achieve this, Swisscom will need to negotiate the purchase prices with all mobile service providers in the EU individually, because Swisscom does not automatically benefit from the regulated prices. Swisscom's prices for telephony in Europe are already 50% lower than those of its Swiss competitors. The difference is likely to become even greater.


Prepaid and data roaming prices also set to fall further

From 2012, prepaid customers abroad will also be able to communicate more cheaply by mobile phone. Swisscom also intends to gradually lower its data roaming prices over the coming years. These new price reductions coupled with the measures already introduced in the middle of this year to improve cost security when communicating abroad will enable to Swisscom further expand its leading position on the Swiss market. Customers will also benefit from outstanding network coverage with 608 roaming partners in 219 countries. 


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