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New solar installation on the Celerina transmitter station

Berne, 30 September 2011

Swisscom Broadcast is starting up operation of a new solar installation on the Celerina transmitter station today, 30 September. The photovoltaic installation will produce enough electricity to cover the power needs of 20 average households in Switzerland and thus almost triple the amount of solar power Swisscom produces on the roofs of its buildings. Including the new installation, Swisscom now operates a total of six photovoltaic installations and is already covering all of its power needs through renewable sources of energy.

Swisscom Broadcast will start up operation of its second solar installation on a radio and TV transmitter station today in Celerina. A total of 260 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the 328m2 flat roof of the broadcasting building. The installation will produce an estimated 71,000 kWh of power per year. This is equivalent to the annual power consumption of around 20 Swiss households. The solar power that is generated will be fed directly into the grid of the St. Moritz municipal electric companies. In order to make the best use of the available sunlight, the panels have been installed on a steel frame positioned at an angle of 55 degrees. This will ensure that the sun's radiation is harnessed efficiently, even in winter time, and will allow snow to slide off the surface of the solar panels in an optimal manner.

The Engadine receives an above-average number of hours of annual sunshine and is therefore an ideal location for the new solar installation, allowing Swisscom to nearly triple its own production of solar power. Swisscom now operates a total of six solar installations and is currently examining possibilities for further installations on other transmitter stations and buildings. The new solar installation in Celerina is a further example of the company's ongoing efforts and commitment in the area of sustainability. Swisscom has relied on renewable sources of energy to cover all of its power needs since 2010 and is the largest consumer of wind and solar power in Switzerland.


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