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Press release

Swisscom launches media courses for young people across Switzerland

Berne, 18 October 2011

Swisscom is offering new media courses for schoolchildren at secondary school level across Switzerland. A selection of four modules is available, dealing with topics such as how to use digital media, the law on the Internet, social networks and using the Internet safely. In addition, the new media guide enter is now available and provides useful tips and information on the Internet and security.

Today, 95% of young people have access to and are avid users of the Internet . They spend an average of two hours a day on the Internet during the week, rising to three hours on the weekend (source: Media competence is becoming increasingly important if young people are to deal with the challenges posed by the Internet responsibly and safely. It is for this reason that Swisscom is now offering media courses for schoolchildren at secondary school level throughout Switzerland. Teachers can choose between four modules: "The fascination of new media", "Law on the Internet", "Social networks" and "Surfing safely". The pupils work together in groups and, with the support of their teachers and a Swisscom expert, reflect on how they use the media. This is then taken as the basis for helping them learn how to deal with the dangers and challenges involved.

The first courses are already being offered in seven local authorities. Given the enormous demand for the courses - more than 200 teachers have already registered - the offering is now being expanded to include all of Switzerland and is being incorporated into Swisscom's fixed course offering. The aim is for every third pupil at secondary school level to have completed a Swisscom media course over the next few years. The new courses are part of the company's strategy on corporate responsibility and reflect how seriously Swisscom takes its social commitment as a company.


enter - new media guide focusing on security

Parents and teachers will always have an important role to play in developing media competence and advising and accompanying their children and pupils as they discover and use digital media. In the latest edition of the enter media guide, which focuses on security, experts write and give practical tips on how parents and teachers can support children in using their mobile phones and computers safely. Parents and young people also share their experiences with digital media. Should cyberbullying be taken seriously? How does Facebook really work? What's legal and what's illegal on the Internet? The guide can be ordered free of charge at This link can also be used to access an online supplement to the brochure, containing video interviews, further information on security settings and copyright, and a media competence test.


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