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Press release

Chur to receive high-speed fibre-optic network

Berne, 18 November 2011

Swisscom continues to drive forward fibre-optic expansion in Eastern Switzerland. Fibre optic cables are to be laid to all households and businesses in Chur by 2016. Construction work gets underway in March 2012 in the district of Masans, followed by Loequartier and Wiesental. The project will see Swisscom connect all 20,000 households and businesses in Chur to the high-speed network of the future.

Swisscom is to roll out the high-speed communications network of the future in Chur over the next five years.  The construction of a fibre-optic network is necessary in order to meet the future bandwidth requirements of businesses and private households, i.e. the desire for even faster Internet access. Swisscom is to build the fibre-optic network alone, but will lay at least four fibre-optic cables per household or business. Where possible, the expansion in Chur will be carried out on Swisscom’s existing cable infrastructure. Thanks to non-discriminatory access, other providers can also access the fibre-optic network. This particularly benefits customers, as they can choose from a wide range of offerings from different telecoms providers. The first customers in Chur should be able to receive fibre-optic-based services by the second half of 2012.


Swisscom contacts property owners

Swisscom has already begun contacting the first property owners in Chur and presenting the necessary contracts. These govern both fibre-optic connections to buildings and cabling to individual households. The contracts have been drawn up in association with the Swiss Homeowners’ Association (HEV) and other property associations, which have offered advice and recommendations. Property owners do not have to pay any costs for the construction of the fibre-optic network.


Over a million fibre-optic connections throughout Switzerland by the end of 2015

Swisscom started its expansion of the fibre-optic network to households and businesses in autumn 2008, kicking off in Basel, Geneva and Zurich. It is now rolling out fibre to the home (FTTH) in over 30 towns and cities. At the end of September 2011, 320,000 households and businesses throughout Switzerland were connected to the fibre-optic network. Swisscom aims to connect one million households by the end of 2015, which equates to around one third of the Swiss population. The company is investing around 2 billion Swiss francs to achieve this goal.




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