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New Swisscom data subscriptions for tablets and notebooks

Berne, 30 November 2011

From 1 December 2011, Swisscom will be adjusting its Mobile Unlimited subscriptions for mobile surfing and working on the go. Swisscom will be offering flexible options for regular and occasional tablet or notebook usage, to which data packages can be added as required. The new offerings will replace the existing data subscriptions.

From December, Swisscom customers will be able to choose from three simple Mobile Unlimited data subscriptions tailored to different needs. NATEL data start costs CHF 19 per month, includes 500 MB and is available without a minimum contract term. The volume of data included makes it ideal for use with a tablet. NATEL data plus is aimed at customers who use their device frequently. It costs CHF 49 per month and includes 5 GB. For anyone who does a lot of surfing on their laptop there is still the NATEL data premium subscription, which offers particularly high-speed data connectivity of up to 42 Mbps and optimised data transmission. The premium offering now also includes 10 GB. The price is unchanged at CHF 85 per month.


Attractive new data packages and affordable usage abroad

From now on, customers who have used up their inclusive data allowance will be able to purchase two new data packages as required: the 500 MB data package costs CHF 19 per month and the 5 GB data package CHF 49. Usage abroad will also be cheaper: surfing will now cost CHF 7 per 5 MB and 24 hours within the EU, and CHF 14 per 5 MB in the main countries outside Europe.

For business customers, mobile working is also set to become more attractive, as from 1 December they will have access to twice the data volume for the options currently available at the same price. New Data Option Business offerings with greater inclusive data allowances and maximum speeds will also be introduced.


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