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Swisscom to build a new business park in Ittigen

Berne, 01 December 2011

Swisscom is planning to build a new office building in Ittigen for around 2,000 employees. Construction is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2010, with entry in March 2014. With its consistently sustainable, ecological construction, the new business park will be one of the largest Minergie P Eco office buildings in Switzerland.

The Swisscom Board of Directors has given the green light for construction of the new business park with 1,700 workstations at the company's own Ey site in Ittigen. From March 2014, around 2,000 employees, most of them from Swisscom IT Services, should be able to move into the new offices, which will feature a desk-sharing workstation concept. The business park will replace the current offices of Swisscom IT Services in Berne (Ostermundigenstrasse 91, 93, 95, 99, 99a/b and Zentweg 46) and Ostermundigen (Bernstrasse 5). The workplaces will therefore remain in the Berne region. By bringing together different locations and buildings, Swisscom is aiming to simplify collaboration and provide a work environment that is fit for the future.

Swisscom submitted the planning application for the new building at the end of July 2011. The deadline for objections passed at the end of October 2011 without any objections being filed. It is expected that the building permit will be issued at the end of January, so that construction can begin in March.


Saving energy thanks to a sophisticated energy concept

The new building has been designed by Atelier 5, a renowned firm of architects in Berne. It will feature an atrium bathed in light with several walkways. It will also boast a unique energy and ventilation concept. Air from outside will enter the atrium and flow into the offices without creating a draught. It will then flow back out from there and be transported outside through the roof. The ventilation cycle will be controlled using a smart CO2 sensor system. Air will only be replaced when it reaches a certain CO2 saturation level. This will save energy, and the fresh air will ensure a pleasant climate at the same time. Geothermal probes will also store heat or cold, depending on the time of year, and balance the ambient temperature in the offices. Photovoltaic systems on the roof will supply most of the energy for the heat pumps. The new business park will therefore undercut the Minergie P Eco standard.

Key data:  
Land size  Around 15,000 m2
Office space  22,000 m2 on 5 floors
Restaurant space incl. cafeteria Approx. 1,500 m2
Workstations 1700
Number of employees 2000
Address  Ey 10, 3063 Ittigen
Start of construction On receipt of the building permit,
scheduled for March 2012
Move-in date March 2014, at the earliest
Architect and general planner  Atelier 5, 


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