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Swisscom continues to expand its healthcare offer

Berne, 13 January 2012

Swisscom purchases portX software from IT Vision AG, thus becoming the leading provider of comprehensive, integrated healthcare solutions. portX is a software solution for the simple and secure exchange of patient data and invoices in the healthcare segment and is now being sold under the name curaX via the Swisscom subsidiary curabill AG, which is also taking over the existing customer contracts. This takeover allows Swisscom to offer a comprehensive solution for the healthcare industry: from the secure, personal online health record Evita to the digital exchange of data by the service provider to claims management for settlements.

Around 250 million paper documents with medical content are sent in Switzerland each year, including discharge reports, prescriptions, invoices, money transfers and much more. With portX IT Vision has built a leading platform for the exchange of data in the healthcare segment. As a result of the takeover Swisscom will now be able to securely network all service providers and cost centres with one another so that they can exchange data with each other electronically and without caching. Today 64 companies from the healthcare industry are already using the software. These customers will now be directly supported by the Swisscom subsidiary curabill. curabill will further expand portX under the name curaX in order to advance digitisation in the healthcare industry.


Stronger networking supports cost reductions in healthcare

Networking and the electronic exchange of documents in the healthcare segment offers many advantages: Transparency increases, process steps are eliminated and workflows become simplified and automated. Since documents no longer have to be recorded numerous times and are available at the push of a button, there is also a lower susceptibility to errors. As a result, digitisation in healthcare leads to lower administrative costs with the same or even better performance. Efficiently networking those involved in the healthcare industry is also an important prerequisite for implementing the federal government's eHealth strategy.


Swisscom offers a comprehensive range of products via specialised service provider curabill AG

With this acquisition Swisscom is assuming a leading role as a provider of complete solutions in the market. With the online health record Evita, the Spitex web solution curamo, the practice software curabill Online, the "Health Professional Card", the networking software curaX and claims management, Swisscom is bundling one of the most comprehensive portfolios of solutions and products in the healthcare segment in its subsidiary curabill. With this portfolio, both patients and service providers (doctors, hospitals) as well as cost centres can be networked with each other.


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