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Swisscom provides the best network and more security at the Patrouille des Glaciers race

Berne, 07 March 2012

The 18th Patrouille des Glaciers, the world's toughest and most exciting Alpine skiing competition, takes place on 25-28 April 2012. Some 1,500 teams and a total of 4,500 participants will be taking part in this year's race from Zermatt or Arolla to Verbier. For the first time ever, information about the competition will be available live and close-up. The new Patrouille des Glaciers app from Swisscom will enable skiing fans around the globe to follow the action on their smartphone. As it has in the past three years, Swisscom will once again set up a seamless mobile phone network along the entire route of the Patrouille des Glaciers race. This will also ensure greater security for participants.

A combination of extreme climbs, treacherous descents, alpine weather conditions and mountainous terrain test participants of the annual Patrouille des Glaciers race to the full. This year, ardent skiing fans will be able to enjoy the competition whenever they like: the new Patrouille des Glaciers app from Swisscom will provide real-time information about the course and current standings as well as important facts about your favourite team. And thanks to a virtual cow bell, the app can also be used to loudly cheer participants on as they race past.

The precise location and other data about each team are relayed using a small mobile phone that participants carry with them. This mobile phone was specially developed to withstand extreme weather conditions and can also be used to make emergency calls. A simple tap on the emergency button connects a participant to the emergency services and automatically sends out a text message containing his or her exact GPS coordinates. As a result, teams are even safer and their safety is even easier to manage during the race.


Seamless mobile communication along the entire route

Swisscom is working closely with the Patrouille des Glaciers command and the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation to provide seamless mobile communication along the race route. After all, setting up a temporary network in the Valais Alps is not routine work even for Switzerland's leading telecommunications provider. It's a major challenge. The high-alpine terrain makes transporting the equipment more difficult, while the low temperatures decrease functionality. A Swisscom team has been planning the mobile phone network along the race route for the past year. About 20 military personnel are helping set up the equipment on site. During the race, 30 Swisscom specialists will be monitoring the mobile network so that teams can be helped quickly if they get into trouble at any time.


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