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Fibre-optic network of the future to be built in Gland

Berne/Gland, 23 March 2012

After lengthy negotiations in Gland, Société Electrique Intercommunale de la Côte SA (SEIC) and Swisscom have agreed on a joint expansion of the fibre-optic network into customers' homes and businesses. In a declaration of intent, the two partners resolved to connect the town of Gland to the new network over the next few years. They also reached an agreement in principle on how the joint fibre-optic network is to be built and who is to bear which costs.

Société Electrique Intercommunale de la Côte SA (SEIC) and Swisscom want to connect the some 5,500 homes and businesses in the town of Gland to the high-speed fibre-optic network over the next three to four years. Swisscom will provide access for the northern part of Gland, while SEIC will provide access for the southern part. The railway line forms the boundary between the two areas.

The joint expansion means that additional costs and more serious disturbances for the population can be avoided. Swisscom is assuming 50% of the costs, with SEIC covering the other half. The homes and businesses in Gland that are already connected to the fibre-optic network are part of this cooperation. Further talks will also be held between SEIC and Swisscom to determine how the communities currently served by SEIC are to be connected to the future network.

Over the coming weeks Swisscom and SEIC will inform property owners in Gland about the cooperation and the next steps. Property owners already contacted by Swisscom or SEIC will be informed personally as a top priority.

Four optical fibres per connection permit competition

Both partners will lay at least four optical fibres per home and business. This is in line with ComCom recommendations. The fibre-optic network allows customers to choose between services from Swisscom, SEIC or other telecommunications providers, who have access to the new network thanks to the four optical fibres. This means that customers can benefit from attractive offers from various different service providers.

A new home or business is connected to the Swiss fibre-optic network about every two minutes. By the end of 2011 Swisscom and its cooperation partners had connected some 364,000 homes and businesses by means of fibre-optic cables running into the basement. This figure is set to rise to around a million by the end of 2015 - one-third of all households. Around 10% of Swiss homes have been connected to date.


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