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Press release

Swisscom TV: TV box recordings now accessible away from home

Berne, 06 June 2012

Customers of the Swisscom TV plus service can now watch their recordings over the Internet, using a PC or laptop, as well as on their home television set, with immediate effect. From the start of July they will also be able to do so using their iPhone or iPad. In addition, the design of the Swisscom TV web presence has undergone a complete overhaul, with the renamed Swisscom TV online service offering numerous new functions as well.

It is a common experience – the TV box at home fills up with recordings, and there is just not the time to watch them all. Now, Swisscom TV plus customers have additional freedom to watch the programmes they have recorded where and when it suits them best. With Swisscom TV online, they can log in using a web browser on a PC or laptop connected to the Internet anywhere in Switzerland and access their recordings from the last 30 days.

From 2 July, the service will also be available to users of the iPhone and iPad. The Swisscom TV Guide app also provides access to customers’ Swisscom TV-Box recordings on the road.


Swisscom TV online provides a customised viewer experience over the web

The Swisscom TV air, Swisscom TV Guide and movies catalogue web services have now been combined into a single web site for easy access. The new site is called Swisscom TV online, and it has a range of new functions. These include Live Pause, which was previously only available to Swisscom TV plus customers on their home televisions. Other new functions include TV show and VoD tips, the latest VoD charts and recommendations for similar shows and movies when users are searching for something to watch.


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