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Elektrizitätswerk Pfyn and Swisscom sign partnership agreement to jointly expand the fibre-optic network

Pfyn/Berne, 19 July 2012

Swisscom and Elektrizitätswerk (EW) Pfyn have signed a partnership agreement to expand the fibre-optic network throughout the municipality of Pfyn. In addition, EW has signed a separate partnership agreement to expand the high-speed fibre-optic network with the telecommunications provider Stafag. Swisscom and EW Pfyn already rolled out fibre-optic cables to households and businesses in the district of Dettighofen in 2010. EW Pfyn is responsible for the next stage of the rollout. Swisscom and Stafag will assume joint responsibility for 75 percent of the investments for the basic connection, EW 25 percent.

EW Pfyn, Swisscom and Stafag aim to have all 900 households and businesses in the municipality of Pfyn connected to the high-speed fibre-optic network by the end of 2016, thereby allowing the population to benefit from ultra-high-speed Internet services and ensuring they are excellently equipped for the digital future. The partnership will enable cost-effective expansion and operation of the network, by exploiting synergies in the companies' existing networks and by sharing investments. Swisscom and EW Pfyn have already rolled out fibre-optic cables in the district of Dettighofen; these will be incorporated into the partnership.


Network open to all and competition made possible thanks to multi-fibre model

Four optical fibres will be laid per household and business. Swisscom and Stafag will each receive one fibre and EW Pfyn will rent one fibre to the Elektrizitätswerk of the canton of Thurgau (EKT). The fourth fibre will be available to other telecoms service providers. This multi-fibre model ensures non-discriminatory access to the fibre-optic network in Pfyn for other providers, making competition possible and complying with the recommendations of the ComCom regulatory authority while also taking into account the considerations of the Competition Commission.

Optical fibre is rolled out to a new household or business in Switzerland roughly every two minutes. By the end of March 2012, Swisscom and its cooperation partners had connected some 388,000 households and businesses by means of fibre-optic cables running into the basement. This figure is set to rise to around a million by the end of 2015 – one-third of all households




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