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Carefree communication – now also for young people

Berne, 02 August 2012

Swisscom has rung in a new age in mobile communications with Natel infinity. Unlimited calls and texts to all networks in Switzerland and unlimited Internet access for a fixed price. On 13 August 2012 Swisscom will launch new mobile subscriptions for young people and infrequent users. Now Natel xtra infinity also makes carefree communication possible for young customers. They benefit from an even more attractive fixed monthly fee with Natel xtra infinity starting at just CHF 55 per month. In addition to making changes for young people, Swisscom is also launching a new subscription for infrequent users.

With its launch of Natel infinity on 25 June 2012, Swisscom ushered in new freedom in communication. With this subscription, customers can make unlimited calls and texts to all networks in Switzerland and have unlimited Internet access for a fixed price. This creates transparency and cost control. The subscription price generally corresponds to the amount of the monthly bill. The various subscriptions mainly address three different customer needs with respect to mobile Internet usage. Natel infinity has been very well received by customers and 275,000 have already decided in favour of the new subscriptions. As announced, Swisscom is now adding youth rates to its range of services for customers under 26 years of age as well as rates for infrequent users.

The new Natel xtra infinity offers for young people between the ages of 11 and 26 follow the principle of the innovative mobile subscriptions launched in June 2012. Customers can make unlimited calls and texts to all networks and have unlimited Internet access for a fixed price. Young people benefit from an extremely attractive fixed monthly fee. Natel xtra infinity S, for instance, starts at just CHF 55 (instead of CHF 75 for Natel infinity S), which means a discount of CHF 20 or 27 percent lower than the regular subscription offers. For CHF 69 and CHF 89, Natel xtra infinity M and L offer higher surfing speeds and also include international and roaming calls as well as SMS and data transmissions outside Switzerland.

For customers who only make infrequent calls, write a few SMS and only sporadically surf the mobile Internet, Swisscom now offers Natel entry and Natel company 30 for small and medium-sized enterprises. Both subscriptions include 30 minutes of calls to all Swiss networks per month as well as 60 SMS for CHF 25. NATEL company 30 additionally offers 30 unlimited calls within the company. Swisscom now offers the Natel xtra start subscription for young infrequent users under 26. This subscription includes all calls on the Swisscom network, a data volume of 1,000 MB as well as 1,000 SMS per month for CHF 35.

The new youth subscriptions will be available as of 13 August 2012 and can be pre-ordered now by sending a free SMS with the text "XTRAS"; "XTRAM" and "XTRAL" to 444. Customers can also sign up now for the new subscriptions for infrequent users by sending a free SMS with the key word "ENTRY" or "XTRASTART" to 444. With the exception of Natel liberty primo and Natel liberty medio, the previous subscriptions will no longer be offered in future. Existing customers who are not interested in benefiting from the new subscriptions can keep their current subscriptions, however, and do not have to do anything.


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