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Mobile surfing on tablets and laptops from CHF 9 per month

Berne, 29 October 2012

Swisscom is launching new data subscriptions for mobile surfing on tablets and laptops. The four new Natel data subscriptions offer unlimited Internet browsing for residential and SME customers, who simply choose the subscription according to the speed that best suits the applications they use. Customers already using Natel infinity, a DSL connection or a bundled offering such as Vivo Casa or SME Office can also save up to CHF 30 per month. The starter subscription Natel data S will therefore cost just CHF 9 a month. Corporate customers also benefit from new data packages.


More than 600,000 customers have already signed up for the smartphone Natel infinity subscriptions launched in the summer. Swisscom is introducing the new Natel data subscriptions following the success of its mobile tariffs: in future, customers will only pay for the speed they require for their applications. Natel data S or Natel business data S for SMEs are aimed at subscribers who are mainly interested in using their tablet or laptop to read the news or e-mails or browse the Internet. Cost: CHF 39 per month. In combination with an existing or new Natel infinity subscription for a smartphone, a DSL connection or a bundled offering such as Vivo Casa or SME Office, customers receive a monthly discount of CHF 30. This means that Natel data S or Natel business data S costs just CHF 9 per month. For people who also want to watch television or stream music while on the move, however, Swisscom recommends Natel data M, either as a single subscription for CHF 49 per month, or for CHF 29 in combination with other Swisscom products.

In December Swisscom will be the first Swiss mobile provider to roll out the new 4G network (LTE), offering bandwidths of up to 100 Mbps. For customers who have a 4G-enabled device and wish to benefit from the superfast bandwidth, Swisscom recommends Natel data XL, as a single subscription for CHF 89 per month, or as a bundled offering for CHF 69 per month. It is not just customers with the most expensive subscription who will benefit from 4G: the increased network capacity means all customers on the 4G network will enjoy faster mobile surfing.

All the new data subscriptions offer full cost security: when the data allowance of 5 GB or 10 GB is used up, no additional costs are incurred and customers can continue to surf the web without restriction at a lower speed (64 Kbps).


Bundled offerings also available for corporate customers

Effective immediately, Natel business data also offers an advantage for corporate customers. By combining a new data subscription with a Natel business infinity subscription they can enjoy cheaper surfing on tablets and laptops and maintain a permanent connection to their company switchboard. Swisscom is also upgrading its mobile communications solution for corporate customers, offering new data, speed and roaming options.

The online cockpit, which can be accessed free of charge at any time in Switzerland or from abroad, has been expanded for both business and residential customers: customers can now check their remaining data allowance at


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